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What a glorious day!

I got all the giveaway books mailed out-thanks everyone who joined in the fun. Haven’t decided what the next one should be since the next book is sci-fi-so a sci-fi giveaway? Or a kindle to read it on? I like to make things interesting so if you have a suggestion, let me know! Also, I am needing ideas for merch bling to hand out at the convention I’m attending-if you were attending as another author or as a visitor who loves Indie authors, what sort of bling would you like? Bookmarks, poker chips, cups, cup covers, what’s fun for you? Pens are good, but really, sort of passe-so let me know what you think. And I need ideas for a cosplay costume for a little old lady and a little old man-who should Dan and I dress up as? The swing set is nearly done, the puppies will be going to their new homes on May 6, and everything is blooming that can bloom outside! It’s a lovely end of the week and expecting to get a little rest tomorrow. on the Sabbath day-it’s supposed to be nice out, and it’s skip week at our home church, so may just spend the morning with a devotional book, sitting in the backfield reading. There’s a mallard duck nesting on the bank under some bushes next to the creek, and the snapping turtle we call tank is once again walking with his head above water, up and down the creek like a submarine with it’s scope up-he must be at least 15 inches across now or more. The bullfrog tadpoles are astonishing in their size and we have minnows as well. They appear to be food for the Great heron that shows up early afternoon. Got tons of gardening done this week, which was good. Happy Sabbath and God bless.

Autistic savants Micah Oberllyn and his friend Sir Alex Stevens have grown up and found their places in the Oberllyn family think tank. If you like action, hero geeks, and horrible bad guys, you will love this book! 
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