The Cover is Here!

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I just had to share the cover of our latest book to be- just to give you an idea of what’s coming in just a couple of weeks; you are going to love this book!  Final editing is happening right now: that’s expected to be finished tomorrow: then we go to publish.

Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs: Book One of the Fern Valley Fur Family Mysteries by J. Traveler Pelton

Fern Valley, a few miles down the road from Lyonsville, is a quiet little town, the kind of place you’d like to visit or retire to someday.  Every yard had flower beds, and the annual Gardening Festival competition and Home Tour draws crowds from miles away.  Ascot and his friends at the Sinclair Dog Rescue live a serene life next door to Lillian’s Cattery, and the dog pack and cat clowder formed a truce. When someone starts stealing flower bushes, Ascot and his friends stage nighttime forays while their masters search for clues in the daytime. Who will find what was hidden under all those bushes first, the professional detectives or a pack of lonely pets?   I just know you are going to love it!  Expect the publication date to be within 1 week, the week of July 28.


What a time we had!

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The last two weeks we went traveling-sometimes you just have to go in order to keep your brain in gear.  We went first to Niagara falls, then to Plymouth rock and the Founder’s monument in Massachusetts; then Maine.  We visited Baxter State Park, then Mt. Katahdin(Where we saw a moose!) and I got to start the hike on the Appalachian Trail- so five miles out of the 2190 miles of trail-but I am no longer a spring chicken, and it seemed good to me.  It was a lot rockier than I thought it was going to be.  I had no idea moose were so big-I mean you read about them and the ones at the zoo are always a ways back in the pen: being within twenty feet of one in the wild is an awesome experience.

Baxter State Park also has a set of Niagara Falls-since the Niagara Indians lived there at one time-they have big Niagara Falls and Little Niagara falls.  We also visited the International Museum for the Study of Cryptozoology-and I finally got to stand next to Bigfoot.  The rest of the museum was about as enlightening, but the grandchildren liked it.

On the way home we ran into a snag in that our reservations somehow didn’t emerge and we couldn’t find a hotel, so Dan and I took turns and drove 20 hours in a spurt to get home.  I have not been that tired in a long time but it’s all in the name of adventure, Right?

And expect the moose to show up in a future book, and expect the falls to show as well-they were all gorgeous.  I hope you enjoy the pics attached.

The little guy met us as we arrived at Heritage house to stay: he’s the resident-lives-by-the-porch vole.  His name is Vern.

And one more thing: early next week, we have a new book coming out-a a cozy mystery call Ascot and the Stolen Shrubs-you are going to love the feisty little hero of the story.  Fern Valley, a few miles down the road from Lyonsville, is a quiet little town, the kind of place you’d like to visit or retire to someday.  Every yard had flower beds, and the annual Gardening Festival competition and Home Tour drew crowds from miles away.  Ascot and his friends at the Sinclair Dog Rescue live a serene life next door to Lillian’s Cattery, and they’d formed a truce. When someone starts stealing flower bushes, Ascot and his friends stage nighttime forays while their masters search for clues in the daytime. Who will find what was hidden under all those bushes first, the professional detectives or a pack of lonely pets?

I’ll put a picture of the cover on in my next tome.  This is the first of a series called the Fern Valley Fur Family.  Hope you love dogs and critters as much as I do!

To keep up with our books, go to my author’s page at Amazon:  just type in the name, J. Traveler Pelton , pull up any of my books, and on the left-hand side, click on my author page.

Are You Warm Yet?

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A friend of mine lives in northern California and she says it’s 111 degrees today and I was upset about our measly 85 degrees here-but thunderstorms are coming, so I am trying quickly as I don’t like to work on the computer in the Strom-I prefer to enjoy my storms outside.

We’ll be heading out for a trip: the house sister is set, the animals cared for, and we’re heading for Maine for a few days of relaxation.  Well, sort of, Although I have packed my quilts and sewing machine, two good books to read, an afghan I am working on and some fiver to spin..and want to see Baxter State Park and the International Museum of Cryptozoology; yeah, I know, too much to do in a week.   I will be working on a new manuscript as well.  Before I took off, however, I wanted to give you some specials for July-and special they are-

July 1,2,3,4-Just Before Dying, He Prayed for you 

is 99 cents, a savings of $2 on a really lovely book about God.

July 4,5,6,7-Omnibus 1-The Past Generations of the Oberllyn Family, spanning a hundred + years- will be 1.99.  That’s a savings of 5.00!  It’s all three books in one volume and just the thing to take along to read on your vacation…and any other time-it’s over 700 pages long, as I recall, and contains all three books.

If you love family sagas with a pinch of romance, you will love this compilation of the Oberllyn Family Series 1844-1951).  Starting with the Western expansion and the Civil War, heading west by wagon, they start a generational battle between the family and an enemy network that plagues them for 12 generations. You won’t be able to set it down.


July 13,14, and 15 Forged in Water and Fire, a fantasy, sci-fi, romance epic, is going to be 99 cents-saving you $2-and giving you yet another reason to enjoy the summer.

If you like dragons, manors, magic and science combined, dystopian futures, and sweet love, you will love Tbear/Traveler’s final book in the Clan Falconer series. An ancient evil, leftover from the Great War, threatens the five United Kingdoms.  Lucan, his clan, and his family are to put a stop to the danger. Francis and Eliza are trying their best to get married, David and Nightsong are having a baby and the dragons are forming unlikely alliances. New bonds are formed, old rivalries simmer as dragon and clansmen alike work to survive in a new world forged of water and fire…and love.

July 21,22,23, Omnibus 3, including three books-the future generations of the Oberllyn family, is 2.99- a savings of $4.  (Can you believe Amz wouldn’t let me put book 2 on special?  Honestly, but you can at least read past and future and I promise I shall put present in next month.)  Again, this contains all three books in the future and is really rollicking good fun.

If you like unending action, apocalyptic adventure, romance, tech, and intrigue, then the Future Oberllyn Omnibus is for you!  A global genetic virus has a 100% kill rate; the Oberllyn’s need to destroy it before it wipes out civilization; maybe Noel can retire, Kai can take over the family research clan while Alex and Micah head for the stars.

And finally July 30 and 31, Calm Instead of Clamor is totally free-saving you the entire cost and giving you something to help you hold on when times are tough.  There is no reason to be afraid if you just know how to control those sometimes irrational feelings of panic.

If you want to lower your stress and increase your joy, then you will love Traveler’s book: Calm Instead of Clamor is like having a comforting Christian counselor in your home showing you easy, clinically proven steps to lower the fever of fear in your heart.  Whether your fear is rooted in the present pandemic, the climate, the economy, family problems, past trauma, or spiritual despair, this book will show you a path, clear and simple, to get your anxiety under control. Her book explains some simple steps you can do now to get rid of anxiety in the privacy of your own home. Get rid of your fear today!

So there they are-five opportunities to save money and gift yourself with entertainment or enrichment-brought to you by Potpourri Publishing and Traveler-have a grand summer!

June is Busting Out All Over!

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It’s wonderful weather out here on the farm: makes it hard to concentrate on much besides gardening and flowers.  Our cats have kittened, my granddaughter is expecting her first child this fall, and we’re just getting ready for our first trip of the summer: most likely heading to Pennsylvania, and then Maine.  Dan’s busy trying to get the back porch on the garage apartment turned into another bedroom for the baby; I’m trying to get the gardens all caught up before we leave, and it’s been alternating between raining and really warm/humid weather. I hope your summer is going well.

I didn’t want to leave without letting you in on this month’s specials for you. I try to make it easy to always have something to read on hand.   For those times when you have thunderstorms or rainy weather (and it’s doing that as I write this note to you) I’ve got downloadable specials for you-such nice ones!


The first one is June 16, 17, and 18; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  Criminally Pieced Together is just 99 cents as a download.


June 19, 20 and 21, Saturday, Sunday and Monday,  Big God, Little Me is completely free as a download



June 23, 24, and 25, Wednesday, Thursday Friday again- Criminally Crocheted is a 99 cent download


June 29 and 30, Tuesday and Wednesday, Criminally Spun Out is 99 cents as a download as well.  Just zip over to



Just for you, have a grand first days of summer, and if you’re not in the pool, read a good book!


The Mutants Have Arrived at Last!

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It has been a lovely very warm spring day, we turned the hay we cut yesterday, we finished planting the vegetable garden, and (short drum roll) our book came out the afternoon!

The third book of the Mutant FellowShip has officially launched into the ether and is waiting for you at Amazon.

Deep inside an ancient sealed cavern, the Mutant FellowShip holds their annual tribal meeting while outside, the Center convinces the U.S. government to make the mutants slaves in the battle to repair the planet.  The Center is still trying to locate the lost wombs and reclaim their property; the women and their children are trying to absorb their new culture and the Ice Age gets closer with each political gambit that slows the reclamation of the earth. Love blossoms in the safety of Sanctuary, but will hate and greed destroy the world they knew outside?  If you like action, thrills, sci-fi, and really wicked bad guys, you need this book!

Can you imagine Ohio weather?

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I am totally freaky about our weather.

Last week, it snowed.  Now it’s gloomy and raining fit to bust-but the flowers are all back.  It doesn’t prevent me from writing here in my cozy office, looking out the window and imagining wonderful, dry, sunny paces to send my characters to today…

I hope most of you are having calmer times with spring.  At any rate, there are kittens in the barn, the canaries are on nests-5 of them and one has already fledged out 3 new canaries for the aviary.  The alpaca won’t create (give birth) for another 6 weeks.  From where I sit in my library office, I can look out the window at the rain, and see everyone else seems asleep to wait it out. I am, however chugging on a goal of another 5000 words on my latest mystery.  All I’ll say is it takes place in a zoo.  You will recognize many of the characters.  And I do hope you’ve been enjoying the new Mutant series.  Two beta readers sent me too late that they’d found some spelling errors so I took it down, corrected them, and set it back up all in one day-thank you Alicia and Sam!   Your autographed book for helping keep our books as close to error-free as is humanely possible is on its way.   I could use some more beta readers, so if you are interested, email me.  And if you are actively reading one of my books, don’t forget to leave a review on amazon.

And I am headed for the greenhouse for some flowers to add to the flower boxes.  Have a grand and happy and peaceful day!  Come back soon-oh, and I updated the jokes page-Something funny this way goes.  Blessings to all.


May Specials Just for You!

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Thank you so much for visiting or being a subscriber. We decided to send a list of all our upcoming specials on our books just in May,

just for our readers.






The Importance of Family Ties

May 2, 3, 4 will be just 99 cents for a download.

If you like political intrigue, hard science fiction, and adventure, you will love The Importance of Family Ties. Can the Oberllyn’s rescue the brilliant autistics Micah and Alex before the military bombardment begins, destroying the biospheric domes that protect the clan? This book is going to keep you up way too late tonight…

Kith and Kin Together Again

Only on May 20 and 21, will be just ninety-nine cents as an Amazon download.

If you like action, hero geeks, and horrible bad guys, you will love this book! As ecological disaster looms, our government must have a scapegoat. Under attack as traitors, even their friends wonder if the Oberllyn’s can survive. The worldwide network of the Oberllyn think tank joins together to survive an ecological and political disaster.

The first book of our Mutant FellowShip series,

Accidental Anomalies

will be a totally free download on May 23 and 24.  Last month, we gave you book two-get book one and find the roots of the story…..

Since the meteorite holocaust, mutations have shown up in the population. Drs. David and Michael Simmons, brilliant scientists, have terrible luck with women. Will Aspen and Diem, the latest wives, disappear like all the others? What hides in the lowest level of the Center? If you like action, sci-fi, and wicked bad guys, you need this book!

And, the last day of the month, May 31, June 1 and 2

Quilting Can Be Criminal, Book One of the Fiber Mavens Series,

will be 99 cents, just for you!

May 31, June 1, 2

If you like cozy mystery, romance, exciting action, and small towns, you will love the first book in the Fiber Mavens Mysteries. Visit Lyonsville, a serene village where tourists come for the atmosphere, food, and handmade crafts. But that was before the murders started…

And our free, completely free, special download for May 14,15, 16 is

Natural Morning   A book I wrote at lent, just to feed your hearts and souls. Not just for lent though, it’s good anytime as a daily devotional with an emphasis on righteousness by faith.

If you want to come closer to the Creator, this small book of daily devotionals will help you to keep your mind centered on Him each day; the stories will make you think, smile, sometimes tear up, but always, always point you back to the Savior whose life was given for us. Find the peace inside that His love brings in its wake. Written during Lent but useful for any time of the year.

Download your book, enjoy reading everyday-it’s good for your mental muscles!

And don’t forget to leave us a review on Amazon! We love to read them.

It’s Finally here!

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Not only is spring sprung around here, but our newest Sci-fi thriller mystery has also launched!

While you enjoy the flowers outside and the birds being back,  and maybe falling in love with someone, you still have time to try out our latest book.







Ever since the meteorite holocaust, mutations have been showing up in the population. Drs. David and Michael Simmons are highly regarded and successful researchers, wealthy philanthropists, and directors of the Center for Genetic Research.  They have terrible luck with women, however. When Aspen and Diem, sisters, marry the brothers, like all the other wives, they disappear.  What is hidden in the lowest basement of the Center?

If you like action, thrills, sci-fi, and really wicked bad guys, you need this book!  Get your copy today!  And go smell flowers…

Spring has almost Sprung!

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Our cats have kittened, our dogs have puppied, the crocuses are out-this week is so different from last week-last week, we had almost 13 inches of snow on the ground; this week, it’s all gone and we are making maple syrup-just for ourselves, nothing huge, about 2 gallons so far.

And this last week we put out our latest cozy mystery for our fans, CriminallySpun Out which did really well, thank you everyone!   In a little over two days, its ranking went a little wild!  According to Amazon, it was

Best Sellers Rank: #34 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store)
#1 in Christian Suspense
#4 in Cozy Crafts & Hobbies Mystery
That is a new record for us and we are thankful!  I went for a long walk around the field with the dogs and alpaca today-did you know that when pine trees come into spring, they sprout their new growth and it is in the shape of a cross?  Next time you take a walk near piney woods, around this time or a little closer to Easter, take a look for yourself.  Even nature declares the glory of God.  And here on the croft, we are busy getting syrup made and prepping for the spring work-gardening, planting, mending, cleaning up for winter, while still enjoying the growth that is springing to life all around us.  I hope all is well where you live, and that you have a grand week!  Don’t forget to check out the new jokes-you always need a smile or two a day…and please pray for our country-it’s seeing hard times right now.  God bless and see you next week!

Your New Specials for March and April!

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March 1—NEW RELEASE- the promised next cozy mystery in the Fiber Mavens will be out March 1, and march 2,3,4 will be  a free download for all my Cozy Mystery folks. it’s called Criminally Spun Out and it’s page turner!  Get you copy!  And don’t forget to leave me a review…


March 7 to 11 Rise of the Rebellion is 99 cents on Amazon; When his evil brother Isaac is released from the Eternity prison, Lucan is sent to rescue  24 kidnapped clan heirs from Shadowblade. Join Giselle the magivore, Lucan and his wolf pack on the latest adventure beyond reality.


March 17-19  Kai Dante’s Stratagem is free om Amazon– If you like fast-paced techie action, strong family ties, and evil ladies, you have to read this book from the Generations of the Oberllyn’s series!

March  21-24, Uncle James, A Servant of God, To Us,  will be a 99 cent download on Amazon.  If you want to discover what the Bible teaches about social justice and equality, James is the place to start. This little book of devotionals based on James’ letter to us helps you achieve clarity and understanding on this topic.

March 28,29,30, Terrorists, Traitors and Spies, is just 99 cents on Amazon. If you like espionage, history, heroes, family ties and heart pounding action, you will love this book!  B07G5ZJGX7



April Specials

April 1,2,3,4, Just Before Dying, He Prayed for You

is a free download for you-our Easter present to you and yours I this season of holiness. How did He know 2000 years ago just what we would need to survive our world? This little devotional looks at the last thoughts of Christ before He was taken to be tortured and killed for us. Shouldn’t you find out just what He felt we needed?


April 5—We are projecting the release of a new series-and it’s going to be fabulous!  More later on this…but get ready to stay up later reading!

April 11-14  Rebooting the Oberllyn’s is just 99 cents on Amazon.  If you enjoy action, tech, romance and speculation, then Traveler’s book Rebooting the Oberllyn’s is for you! A global genetic virus has a 100% kill rate and the Oberllyn’s need to destroy it before it wipes out civilization-then Maybe Noel can retire…And Kai can take over the family research clan. B07FK7ZYP4


April 13-16  Forged in Water and Fire is just 99 cents to download on Amazon…the conclusion of the Clan Falconer series, and it’s stunning and will make you think.


April 22 to 24  Criminally Crocheted is a 99 cent download on Amazon. If you like cozy mystery, sweet romance, and small towns, you are going to love this book!

And we are planning something really crazy for end of April-watch for details!