Get ready, set and Spring!

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As I write this, it’s snowing outside, but here at Potpourri Publishing. we are getting ready for our spring.  First, the ninth and final book of the Oberllyn series is due out next week.  That’s exciting and we will be offering a couple specials just for you on that.  Titled Kith and Kin, Together , with all the intense action and avneture that Traveler has become famous for, this book starts with the familyunder attack, accused of being traitors, even their friends wonder if the family Oberllyn think tank can survive the corruption that is the Brotherhood.  When even the President succumbs to the mania taking over the earth, can the Oberllyn’s survive?  In the final book of the Oberllyn Family Chronicles triple trilogy, Traveler takes us on a tour of a world decimated by the evil of the Brotherhood; from viral warfare to gene warping mutations, kidnappings and murder, political takeovers and a mystical being known only as the Over Lord, they leave nothing in their wake but absolute destruction. The ecology of the earth has slid into a catastrophic downturn,  with water that is no longer wet and plant life going into shock, the oceans dying and lifeforms rewashing extinction levels.  Famine and total destruction seems inevitable and there has to be a scapegoat. When Noel discovers that they will shortly be under physical military attack from all the world military, Kai and Micah re-allocate protective domes for all the scattered family laboratories and research centers. Micah and Alex dream seriously of space travel  and colonization of new worlds.  The family worldwide must make a decision of whether or not trying one more time to turn it all around is a better use of their resources than just letting it all go  and finding a new home.  With the intense action and paradoxical decisions, Traveler leads us down a road  where we might go in a few years without careful change in how we all live and believe. 

Second, we nearly have our two Lent devotionals completed.  We will be offering them as free downloads to our fan family starting March 3-so you will have them downloaded to use for you and yours.

The first devotional is for you as parents or caregivers to read to your kids: its a whole series of stories about our family and farm and I do hope you will all enjoy it and that it helps you to explain to the little ones more about God’s love. Titled Lenten Stories for God’s Little Children,  these little tales will help you in your finding just the right thing to read to your children each day, morning or evening, to help them find their path to faith.  Light-hearted in tone, but serious in meaning, these stories will be a favorite not just at Lent, but for family worship time.  The stories are gathered from the life experiences of a mother, grandmother and Christian author, and Traveler dearly hopes these bring you and your children closer to each other and to the Good Lord who created us with a thought, who redeemed us with his life and death and who waits in heaven for us, building us a home in His Holy City so we may never be parted again.  May God bless you as you raise your children, his gifts to you,  for Him..

The download will be free until March 10. After that, you will be able to get it on Amazon at it’s regular price in either an ebook or paperback.

The other book, title Natural Morning, is one meditational story for each day of lent.   They are written with a prayer and hope that each one of you finds a blessing in considering God, His gift, and His great love for us all.  I hope you enjoy it.  Watch for an announcement and a sign up button to receive your free copy.  You may chose either the adult or child book for download.


Polar Express is Real…..

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OK, so I love all the seasons, but for real, it’s cold out there! It got to 7 below last night and the warmest it’s gotten today here in middle of Ohio is 0; that’s right, our high was zero, not counting the windchill which was -25. So this is a day to stay inside, work on book nine and start the freebie book I will be gifting to my fans/friends starting mid march-it’s a a new lenten devotional. I think I will offer two, your choice, one for you to read to kids, one for adults.  I like to gift my fans with something really special and since Lent is a special time, that’s one of the times I do it. But for now, we are going to order the new cover for the last book of the triple trilogy. Once it’s out-and you will be the first to know-I’m going to offer a special on all nine of them.

In the meantime, it’s cold, it’s lovely out and it’s warm inside, so grab hot cocoa, read the new chapter-this time from  Rebooting the Oberllyn’s; read




 the humor page that’s been updated and think warm thoughts of spring, which is only 48 days away as I write this-blessings everyone.

And when you go to my FB page, don’t forget to like and share.

And drop me a note-love hearing from folks when I’m getting cabin fever. Maybe after the next couple chapters I’ll go put on some soup for supper.


Rain? Really?

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So for two days, it’s been freezing cold: we didn’t get the blizzard predicted, but we did get 6 inches of snow. It was cold-below zero at night and single digits days, in other words, normal for this time of year winter weather. So last night, it warmed up during the night to 33′ and it’s raining-right now as I write it is 44′ and pouring all over the snow-which is making it melt and now we have flood warnings. And guess what? Tomorrow night is supposed to be in single digits again, so all this stuff is going to freeze. And then it’s going to snow. So I suspect we’ll have winter weather warnings all over again. Now really, we had snow back in November for a couple weeks, and it went away in time to give us a brown Christmas. Then we had fall weather all through November., all the way up to the sixties some days. And now winter has decided to come. Ah well, excellent reason to go get a blanket, curl up in a corner and read for awhile.  

I have completed the rough draft of book nine-and hope to have it out by first part of February-watch for the announcement on that shortly!  L.Spencer is coming out with her book in a short while as well-this one on cooking on a budget-and she means a tight budget so if you are interested in eating better, doing it less expensively and liking what you eat, you need her latest.

I will h ave a freebie out in time for Lent-a special gift for my fans-so watch for announcement on how you get your copy around March.

God bless from all of us here at Potpourri Publishing! Don’t forget to go to my FB page and checkout Traveler Pelton.

Almost Ready!

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I was on the podcast Off the Chain last night-I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed.  I always love doing that particular show because the host is not afraid of oddballs like myself.  She seems to take sci fi writing, alpaca raising, Christian  grandma’s in stride.  I appreciate people  who aren’t afraid of other worldviews.  You can go to her site and listen to the archived show if you have time.  

I’ve just about completed the last book of the nine volume series, The Chronicles of the Generations of the Oberllyn Family. I hope to get it all roughed in by end of January, first editing done and the cover ordered in February and have it out for you to enjoy the finale of the family by end of February. Right now, we’re running a temporary price reduction on The Infant Conspiracy-I’ve included a free chapter of it on our Free stories page-so you can get it and enjoy it and not pay full price-love you guys. Or of course, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can download it for free and read it. Your choice.

In the meantime, above is a picture of a new little dog named Bambi. She’s a doll; weighs in at about five pounds and likes to sleep on my feet. She is afraid of her own shadow, gradually learning to be brave, not unlike many of us as we start learning to write our own books and send them out into the world. Have confidence in your own ideas, your own abilities and make a difference in the world with your writing.  Just like her, be brave in a world of giants.

I have a writers’ group I run at our local library once a month.  I”m always amazed at what they come up with between meetings-some add chapters to their books, one is a home school young lady who is actually writing a newspaper for her family, complete with papers and editorials, family news-it’s darling.  Some are afraid when they come, or just shy.  It’s good to see them come out of their shells as time goes on and learn that this is a forgiving and kind group, and we coach each other to get things done.  If you haven’t got anyone in your area running a writer’s group for aspiring writers, maybe its something you ought to think about starting.  

And as the snow falls outside(depending on which news outlet you listen to, we are getting rain not snow, or 3 inches or 12 inches or possibly a blizzard-go figure-I can look out the window and tell you what’s going on better than that!) spending a little time catching up the webpage, I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.  Now on to add some jokes to give you a giggle this time and see you next time! 

And don’t forget to post a review on Amazon for any of my books you’ve read-it really does mean a lot to see what folks think.  Love hearing from you…

It’s Snowing!

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I can’t believe it-of course, I’m in Ohio and the weather is just one of the things we sort of haphazardly wander through; its as if Mother nature comes to the border and says, let’s just screw with all these folks heads for awhile. So yesterday it was 60, alternating between thunderstorms, light rain, mist and overcast; and last night it rained, got windy and today its 25′, snowing and once again winter. My poor pussywillow bush out back was blooming, covered in furry little buds, and today it’s covered in a thin layer of snow/ice.

However, the snow keeps me from spending too much time outdoors and lets me catch up on my correspondence with you, my fans and readers, so it’s a good thing. We all got through the rush of holidays well, I am 2/3 of the way through my next and final book of the Oberllyn Generations Series. There are nine books in all and they’ve done well for us here. I hope you’ve taken advantage of the different sales and enjoyed reading them. The latest one, number 8, or book two of the last trilogy, is called The Importance of Family Ties.

The back cover gives this explanation: “Traveler is back with all the political intrigue, hard science fiction and adventure her fans have come to expect from her tales.  In book 8 of the Future  Generations of the Oberllyn Family Chronicles , Noel, Violet, Kai, Zyanya, Jasmine, Scott, Gabriel, Catriona and their families chase through  the world, pitting their family, resources, intellect and espionage network against the Brotherhood;.  They  erect protective domes over all their safe houses and laboratories as they are labeled traitors and enemies of humanity.  The military is sent to take them into custody  all over the world. As the planet’s plant life dies from the sickened water;  the mutations spread throughout the animal kingdom.  The Oberllyn’s are made the scapegoats for all the world’s problems.  When Micah and Alexander are kidnapped, Noel has to call in help from all the worldwide family to bring them home .     As the family worldwide retreat to the domes, they wonder  if they will  hold through military bombardment?  Will the domes hold? Will the earth survive  or has  the destruction of the environment and the population plummet gone too far to recover?  Will only the people of the domes make it to the next millennium?” It’s a real page turner and I hope you enjoy it.


It’s available from Amazon as both paperback and ebook.

It’s Nearly Christmas! Specials Just for you!

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And in celebration of our newest title  To Protect One’s Own, we are running a price countdown on three of our most popular books on Amazon:

Dec. 8 you will be able to download Terrorists, Traitors and Spies for 99 cents: three days later it goes up to $1.99 and at the end of the week is back to it’s usual price.

December 15, you can download Oberllyn’s Overland-the book that began the Generations history, for 99 cents; and three days later it goes up to $1.99 and then up to 2.99.

December 23-just in time to gift yourself for Christmas, you can download our newest book, To Protect One’s Own, for 99 cents, going up to $1.99 three days later and then to the regular price at the end of thew week.  It’s time to reward yourself for being good, for listening to your loved ones and getting all those gifts wrapped.  Time to gift you-God Bless-and may your travels begin!

Terrorists, Traitors and Spies

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Finally, the middle of the past generations is up on Amazon: the e book is ready, the paperback will be out by Friday-and it’s a real romp through the generations between the Western migration and the present.

The middle generations of the Oberllyn’s carry on the legacy of their father Noah by setting up a network of scientists, spies and informants all over the globe.  This book spans the generations from 1910 to 2010; a time of change and growth.  The family tries to stay out of the feud between Edison and Tesla while beginning to investigate an elusive enemy network that grows into an worldwide web that will plague them for generations.  They survive Two World Wars, The Korean Conflict, Vietnam War and the Gulf Wars  in spite of attacks on them personally from the enemy and from their own government.  Will the legacy of the Lenape negotiators carry the family through discrimination, hatred and treason?  Will there be another seven generations of the people to carry on or will they follow their ancestors into oblivion?


You meet the newest genius in this book, and his sister, Micah and Serena, who are much involved in the present trilogy.  Right now, you can order them through Amazon, or pm me on my FB page, travelerpelton, for an autographed copy.  And when you read it, don’t forget to leave us a review on Amazon!  Thanks so much.

New BOOKS! Will Wonders never cease?

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Such a marvelous week! Book 2 of the first trilogy is done and will be published we hope next week: our editor at Write Useful is grand. The cover is excellent and can’t wait to hear your comments and reviews. The seventh book will be out a week after that. We’re planning yet another book signing at our fave store in Mt Vernon, Kidshelf, sometime in early December-hope all my local fans will come and catch up the latest books. Hope to meet you all on line or in person soon! Thank you for your reviews and if you haven’t left one for us yet, no time like the present! Our books are on Amazon, and BAM!  And don’t forget to go to our books page for the special offer for this month!  God bless!


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Everyone is expecting the Book signing to go very well at Colonial Kidshelf, leastwise the folks who have contacted us for more information. T Bear, Fawn and myself will be signing our new books September 21st from 1 to 4 at 855 Coshocton road, Mt Vernon OH. Everyone within is cordially invited to come and enjoy the giveaways, meeting us, the authors, and finding out what the Oberllyn’s have gotten themselves into this time…It’s going to be well worth your while to come out, we’ll be right next to Kroger’s in the bookstore and I can’t wait to meet some of you who have been FBing us.     This is the second book of Tbears series on the future of earth-after we blast ourselves back into medieval times and everything techie is now considered a form of magic, the clan and serf system is set up again with kings and dragons and wizards-it is tons of fun.  The first was called Clan Falconer’s war.  The new one is called Rise of the Rebellion.

Fawn has written a non fiction book on sewing on a budget-part of her new series Living Frugally and well…and I continue the Sage of the Oberllyn family-go to our bookpage to find out more about the new books.  And if you happen to be near Mt Vernon, OH on September 21st in the afternoon, stop by and greet us!  It’s going to be a blast!  I’m going to have hourly drawings and gifts to share.  Might even have some refreshments if I can keep T Bear out of the cookies long enough.  That boy can smell homemade cookies a mile away before I even get them out of the oven!

traveling again, looking for good ideas…

Rebooting the Oberllyn’s is Live!!!

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“Just finished. Holy crow it’s amazing. I need to get the next one and read it. Total ♡. I’ll get the review posted after some sleep. Thank you so much, I sincerely enjoyed the Oberllyns!” Katie Stone on Goodreads.

“I enjoyed this book. It is a suspenseful adventure of one loving, closely-knit, gifted family in a world gone mad due to biological weapons and an emerging doomsday cult that has influence in the upper reaches of the government and the military.” Fawn Spencer

The paperbook is live now: Kindle has preorder until July 31st; then can be ordered or downloaded to your kindle unlimited account.  I am excited to hear what folks say about this book.  Be sure to put a review on Amazon and here when you’ve read it-I’d love to know what other folks think-so far, not had anyone who didn’t like it.  Thanks to all my beta readers and fans for your support!