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A Festival, a baby, and the ending to a good week.

My great-granddaughter scored some new shades at the first Friday festival in Mt. Vernon. Lots of booths and tons of folks came. The music was a bit loud for my taste but she loved the guy in the dog costume (our local credit union mascot.) It was her first crowd type outing and she is just a shade young for stranger danger, so she smiled at everyone. They had an old car drive-in, and for the record, the purple cars held her interest and it didn’t matter if it was a vintage Volkswagon bug or the Chevette, if it was purple, it was her kinda car. At any rate, two rubber bracelets, a small football, two stress balls, a 4-inch frisbee, a set of shades, and a stress ball shaped like the human brain(see it in front of her in the cup holder) and she was pretty well worn out. The weather was 76′, with a slight breeze and plenty of friendly dogs on leashes to stare at from the stroller. She was asleep before she got fully hooked into her car seat. I suspect she’ll sleep well tonight.

Violet rocks the shades…
And she really didn’t care about the crowds; she’s at the don’t know a stranger so she just smiled and gurgled a lot.

Back home at the farm, it was a great launch party: the winners of the prizes should be getting their prizes shortly as I mailed them yesterday. The giveaway went wonderfully well last month as well, and we had 35 winners of autographed books. The next giveaway will be the end of July, most likely. Before then lots more to prepare for during the summer. Two more books to come out, a kindle giveaway, and prep to go to the 20 Books to 50K convention in November, where we’ll be one of the meet the author booth folks-if you’re in the area, come see us. Have a great almost summer!

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