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It’s all Done!

It is, it is, it really is, and now I get to take a long walk to exercise great grandpa!

Yes! The author’s course I’ve been giving hints from is now all on this website- just look on the menu under courses and enjoy being taken from an idea to a finished project. I can’t wait to read your comments about it-and answer any questions I can help you with about writing. I am not the font of knowledge, but I’ve been doing this and being published since my first published article at 15-and with over 500 published articles and 43 books out, I know a little something, I think on the topic.

As for the rest of life here at the farm, the goats now can be led without a leash; they follow as a proper little herd ought to do. The CBW is getting over covid, as is Dan and Fawn. I hope no one else gets it. It’s horrid stuff.

Dan has been working on putting new brakes on the truck-yes I know, covid, but he gets restless if he has to stay in bed. So he is working on old blue and fussing about stubborn bolts.

During this self-imposed shutdown, I’ve been writing, doing marketing, rearranging furniture, and bringing in the more tender houseplants-can you believe it’s three weeks until fall starts?

Now wishing and hoping the course I wrote helps someone, and bidding you a good day. Have a great Labor day weekend!

Great-grandma says I will be all better soon; I hope so. I hate coughing. Come back and see us all soon.
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