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My next author Suggestion is-watch clouds!

Guess what? It’s not raining! Now I promised everyone to send along some tips about writing; the second one is not to get moldy and mildewed from too much rain. That sounds silly? Think about it. So often as authors we get into ruts, we get grumpy and it seems like everything rains on us until we end up rusting and getting writer’s block. Writer’s blocks are frustrating, aggravating, and 100% caused by our own attitude-we allow ourselves to see walls when there aren’t any. If you find yourself being so afflicted, then friend, what you need to do is change it up; if you are stuck on a scene, then go to another book or another scene and work there. Get up, walk around, and stretch a bit. Get outside and get some fresh air. Drink a glass of cold water. Do not get on your phone; do not run to gaming or social media; that will waste your time and not allow you to make progress. Change your scenery a little bit. If you are anywhere near a park or the country, go outside with a blanket, lie down and watch clouds while thinking at first of nothing but clouds. Take your mind off whatever is blocking you. Concentrate on something you see in your environment; some kids playing, a dog being walked, the traffic going by relax. Consider how that might go into the book or be the start of another. Get up, go back, and start again from the beginning of the chapter-maybe even read everything you’ve written so far to see why it seems you’ve written yourself into a corner. You can break out; drive the moldy feeling from your mind and get back into the good, fun part of writing. Take care of yourself. Without you, this book wouldn’t get written. And as you see from the picture below, I am thinking so fast, my head’s smoking…

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