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October 1, 2022, Out with the old, in with the new Giveaway!

Walking is not that hard, but boy! Do they get excited when I knock stuff off the table!

Giveaway 1 of, 4 Fall, is done: where I am writing, it officially finished a few minutes ago. As soon as the final emails are tabulated into the sorter, I shall contact folks, and as soon as you get an email from me, send me your mailing address, first and last name, and I can get your book-or if you win the grand prize, your Kindle, out in next week’s mail. I’d like to mail them out before the next giveaway begins, so watch your email- if I contact you, get back to me. Good luck! I shall post the winners on the contests page.

That means, however, the next giveaway starts in just 4 days; meaning it starts October 4 at 8 pm. It only runs until the 15th at 8. You need to know this one is dedicated to fantasy and science fiction-from medieval futures, to mutants to space travel, there are a bunch of them in our catalog. You can see the list on our books page and we are giving away 25 autographed paperback books and One Kindle Fire 7. We keep it at a win ratio of 1 to 4-so if more of you sign up that love Sci/fi/fantasy, I add more prizes so that the chance of winning is higher. Don’t forget to sign up!

This is the link and it goes live on the 4th in the evening-don’t miss it!

https://travelerpelton.com/giveaways/second-of-4-scifi-fantasy-giveaway/ ‎

You can actually go there now and check out the clock-it’s pretty cool.

And I wanted to let you know that the ebook of Clem and the Burden of Leadership is now available on Amazon! I know many have been waiting for the next cozy mystery-well, it’s live today!

And now for our other specials!

October 11-15, Uncle James, a Servant of God, to US-is free on Amazon. Just go to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MVG23JX  for your copy.

October 17-24, Criminally Spun Out, a cozy mystery in the Fiber Mavins Series, will be just 99 cents.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XB1MZNG

Welcome to Lyonsville, a serene village where English and Amish shops draw tourists by the busload. The Fiber Mavens Shop has added a new craft and spinning brings out the wicked in someone. Casey’s twins are kidnapped; drop spindles are being left all over town; you are going to love J. Traveler’s newest mystery in the Fiber Mavens Mysteries.

That’s it for this month-but really, how much more can you ask for? 

And in other news, the CBW is learning to walk around furniture; it’s just a matter of time before she is running on both pins away from the edges of things, so we put up a baby gate. She absolutely hates it! She goes up, stands at the bars, fusses, and rattles them. She thinks she’s in jail when she has the entire house to run in. It’s a little bit like us sometimes. We have a tendency to obsess over what we can’t do and miss completely what we can. Don’t be like a 10-month-old, even if she is the Cutest Baby in our World. Do what you can do with what you have as well as you can and be content. No one can ask more than that.

And I finally got a couch and chair to replace some worn-out ones in the living room and spent the better part of four hours rearranging it. It looks fine, ready for tomorrow’s home church meeting. And finally, something sad: our little pom Lady, lost her puppies. They were born prematurely and they simply couldn’t nurse. It’s sad when stuff like that happens here on the farm. However, it’s the way of life here on this earth; some are born, some die, some make it, and some must be quietly buried and grieved.

Have a great evening. Take care, be good to yourself AND watch for the winner announcement AND don’t forget to sign up for the next giveaway AND go check out our next book! Blessings and peace-Traveler

Just a few of the giveaway books.
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