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Rainy, but we already have a giveaway going

July 8, 2022 rainy, but we already have a giveaway going, (see the giveaway page), I just bought three goats, and another writer’s tip

You ever have one of those days when you got up in the morning you wondered how anything could go badly on such a nice day and the day proceeded and you ceased to ask that question? Yeah, that kind. I went shopping for groceries-always a mistake on a Friday morning; a task usually taking 90 minutes stretched into 3 hours as I attempted to go to three stores to complete the list of needs. Never did find the washing soda I use as a boost for my detergent on Dan’s jeans. Let’s just say if there is a grease, oil, grass stain, scum or manure, washing soda does a good job getting those out. Detergent does not cut it(sigh) so I ordered it on Amazon. I got home, unloaded, put away food then got a call from a friend who has goats-did I want to come out and see the kids(literally, real kids). I figured sure, it’s not far. Two hours later we had put deposits on three kids-all wethers (meaning neutered) who will be ready to come home with us in two weeks; meaning we need to go over all our fences to be sure the little buddies don’t get lost. They’re actually a gift for Dan’s birthday. He’s been wanting some to take care of browse-that is, weeds like poison ivy, bindweed, multiflora rose, thistle, and such in our field. We’re trying to go completely organic and herbicides really are dangerous and don’t do the job well so for the last few months I’ve been hearing all about goats from a certain husband and now there will be three on our farm. The guys got hungry so I had to make up some supper, and then clean up and this post, which was supposed to occur around 4 is now just getting written at 8. However, with a little more work, you’ll have the latest hint, I’ll have the kitchen done, and it will be time for showers and bed.

Hint number 5 for new writers on getting the book done so there is something to publish when we get to that point:

You have some ideas, you have a character and you’ve started fleshing it out; now what?

I’ve taught a lot of creative writing courses in adult education and one of the things I emphasize is that you need to believe in yourself. Picture yourself holding your newly published book in your hands.  Imagine how pleased you’ll be to have it. Now send your thoughts back to how you started, by reading other’s books, and then you started putting down ideas, and you invented a character and now you are at the flesh and blood stage.  You need to teach the character to talk to others.

Sound a little strange?  It’s not.  Picture your character in your head, make him/her real.  What sort of things is that person apt to do?  Maybe they can do all the things you wished you could do and can’t for some odd reason, maybe public speaking?  Maybe hang-gliding?  Maybe being really able to talk to girls or guys with confidence?  You decide.  And once you decide, imagine your character with friends or enemies.  Put their name at the top of a page, make two columns, friends, enemies-and maybe a list of just incidental folks.  You need at least one in the first two lists, and a few in the last column.

Finally, decide if you want this book to start with the crisis and go backwards after the first chapter, or if you want to concentrate on getting folks to like your character.

Give them all names; write a short description of each person on the list.  It ought to look a little like this:

Brad Malcom, detective, married, 3 kids, sidekick is a dog named Ruckus


Dick Jameison, cop                            

Jed Miller  (deputy)

Casey (Wife, Social worker)

Enemy– Howard Judson, bootlegger

Incidentals- Becky the dispatcher, Erick Black the sheriff, Jed the deputy(straightshooter, single, a little clumsy)

You are on your way to your book! Share with me in a comment about your characters: together we can make them sing and dance. Most of all, have a good time. Blessings and have a great evening!

CBW keeping her great-grandpa, the newly minted goat farmer, quite busy
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