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Happy July 4th (almost) the cutest baby in the world and your newest hints about writing

In retrospect, I should have given her a bath after she had her zwieback…this is the cutest baby in the world (CBW) enjoying her first taste of twice-baked toast.

In the meantime, life goes on here at the farm, and this week I joined a group of folks who are doing a Christmas in July promo-they’ve all written Christmas books of one sort or another, from romances to traditional stories and everywhere in between, got together to make a joint promo and invited me to join. It sounded like fun and below is the link-hope you’ll go visit.

Now on to this week’s writing lesson for new Authors (and yes, someday I will put all of these together in one place in an ebook for download, but not until I’ve published them all for you this way. Let’s review quickly:

1st hint , the first is to simply start writing down all the ideas that come into your head and flesh them out later, some will become books, some won’t but all are worth the simple act of writing them down.  It’s practice, it helps.  Do it today.

2nd The second tip was to just get out a little each day to relax and let thoughts flow easily.

3rd The third was to read. Just read to add smoothness and vocabulary to your own writing.

And now (short drum roll here) our fourth tip is to find your main character and describe that person, place, or thing. I’ve had books where the main person was a personified dog. I’ve not written anything about talking to thinking kitchen appliances yet…however, considering tech today, that might not be a bad idea to put in the subconscious and mull a bit. Find your main character, give them a name and age; describe them in a paragraph to yourself, and then think of how to introduce them to someone else, that is, your readers. All that you do is with the reader in mind. You write for yourself, yes, but if you want to be successful, you read with them in mind as well. This week, find a character, name them, and describe them. If you want to send me your character, just send it to the comment section below and let me see how you’re doing. I’d love to meet your characters! I love to hear from my readers. I’d enjoy answering any questions you might have and others could help as well if they like.

Until next time; CBW reminds you to keep your zwieback ready, remember to hydrate, and read me a story!
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