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Spring Beauties, Puppies, and the New Herdsire Hasn’t got a Clue

He may have championship breeding but he needs some help in the romance department.

This week, we got the alpacas all vaccinated, vitamined and we have the oddest problem.  I got a new Alpaca male to help with herdsire duties and he is not the faintest bit interested in females.  We’ve tried just about everything but appears we bought a no-go showboat.  That is very disappointing.  If anyone has any ideas, love to hear them. Our females have even just cushed right in front of him and it does not impress him at all, while driving our old herdsire nuts.

On the other hand, the puppies are doing very well.   Their eyes are open, they’re starting to roll about and play and in general are just darling. And yeah, they are small, as they are supposed to be. Pomeranians are darling.

He weighs about 7 ounces here.

The special on Kai Dante’s Stratagem went very well;  I am halfway through writing  a devotional for vella and another cozy mystery; in addition, Piper’s Impasse will be coming out on Amazon the 25th, so watch for it-if you like stories about cryptids, Sasquatch, this one is set to be fast release, meaning all three books of the trilogy will be out within a couple months, three weeks or so apart.

It’s nearly spring and so we are having a spring giveaway: just go to the gifts page in the drop-down menu. Then to this year’s giveaways.  It starts April 10 at 6 pm.  Don’t miss out!

May your week be blessed and have a grand spring!

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