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Summertime and Life is Wonderful!

Our CBW says: Look what Uncle Scott made for me!

Yes, Scott is making a park in their backyard for the CBW; they have a pool, a playset, a hanging tent for naps.  On days she is there for day care, she hates to leave it; but they generally take her to the library as well and she loves our local library lady, “that book girl.”   They have a play room of educational toys and she’ll play for a good ninety minutes until she’s ready to come back to mamaw’s house and finally her mom’s. 

Would you like to come play with me?

And did I tell you I am a great-grandma for the second time?  Little Bjorn was born the 25th to my granddaughter Draya. 19 inches long, chubby and sweet, we’re thinking we ought to make a trip down to NC to meet the littlest edition of cute. Babies popping up everywhere.

Bjorn; the newest darling to the family!

We are out of the heat dome officially and back to humid, raining everyone few days, and I found out that the house plants placed close to the house aren’t getting any rain. So today, after having it rain nearly ¾ inch yesterday, I was out watering plants.  And weeding, an entire wagonload of weeds went down to our chickens who think it’s wonderful indeed.

Ladybear, our white pom has decided no birthing pen for her.  She is in her summer digs -she lives in the Eden Garden, happily chasing out rabbits, deer and all other small furry anything; her due date is near the end of the month.  She has been busily excavating a den under her doghouse to have her babies in.  Normally, by now we would have brought her into the house and kept her in a wire dog pen, but she whines and cries so piteously we just allowed her to stay in the garden.  The puppies will be fine; it’s warm out. Pomeranians are the smallest version of the spitz family, herding and pulling dogs.  Full size spitz can be seen pulling dogsleds or wagons in other countries.  Poms are happiest when able to do some herding and outside when we can let them be.  If it’s too hot or too cold, we bring them in and they complain, stand by the door and demand to go back out.  They have thick coats; our vet says they are healthy, happy and just fine. I know people usually consider them lap dogs, and they can do that, too.  However, they really adore the outdoors.

Past litter of babies; she is a great mom.

Anyway, hopefully will be showing pics of puppies soon.

I’ve been busy getting some new books ready for you, and they are grand.  Some are on vella; just go to the Amazon site, search on vella and then my name J. Traveler Pelton-there are 15 of them on there now. And I just dropped another one!

Poison People- how to deal with toxicity

And now some specials for you- my readers and fellow voyagers on this river of life-

First, remember:

Our Summer Giveaway is still collecting entrants! You have only go to the 6th to enter and share this-Prizes awarded in giveaway right after Independence day!  Don’t miss your chance! Go to gifts page in drop down menu, enter this contest-time is running out.

All prizes will be awarded July 7; mailout is the 15th. Those who win will be notified and have 24 hours to get back to me with their mailing address so I can include them in the mailing.  Winners will be announced on my FB page and my webpage. Get your entry in!

5-12  You Couldn’t Make this Up  Is a 99 cent special download just for a week!

For 28 years I have been in Professional Social Work; I’ve met people from the privileged to the poor and most their relatives. It gets greasy, gritty, gracious and is in no way glamourous here in the trenches of life but if you like true stories with odd characters funny to tragic, you will love this book. 


15-19 Alienated Anomalies  FREE and NEW  BOOK THIS MONTH  If you like action, thrills, sci-fi, wicked bad guys, a touch of romance, get some coffee, prepare for an all-nighter. You are in for a ride with the newest book in the  Mutant Fellowship series. And it’s free!

July 21-28: for just 99 cents (and getting you ready for book 2 coming out very soon on vella and then ebook) The Multifaceted Mind! Allyson the gatekeeper was a high functioning multiple personality raised in a loving home by professionals. Her various egos had their part in the family firm, from accountant to detective, from gardener to infant, from martial arts master to shy nerd; so many voices speaking at once with the gatekeeper to get their time in the sun. When a co-worker is found murdered in her garden, she must find a way to clear one of them of a murder charge. If you want to move beyond creepy mystery and into the just plain weird-out odd but possible tale, you have to get the Multifaceted Mind!

The Multifaceted Mind    

That’s it for now- see you next week and may your travels be good ones!

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