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Your Giveaway Update and Free Book

Oddly enough, this is a fave spot for the townsfolk-barfing dogs

We have had upper ninety and better heat around here now for several days; so much so that some of my alpaca breeder friends have actually lost alpaca to the warm. Animals, especially fur bearing ones, can get heat stroke too easily.  With our babies, we provide them a tank of water they can drink of continually refilling spring water; and we provide a myst they can walk under and they have a shallow pool they can stand in to help.  We have fans running near the myst as well.  It’s about what we can do and hope it is enough.

They’ve been shorn since this, so aren’t as hot

We’ve been harvesting from our garden early foods, spinach and broccoli, onions and zucchini-it looks to be a banner year for zucchini.  Mom used to say of you give a man a zucchini plant, he’ll eat zucchini for the season but give it to a woman and the entire neighborhood has zucchini.  Later today I plan on making zucchini bread with chocolate chips.Yum stuff from the garden.

I hope all of you have gone over to this websites gift page and entered the giveaway?  I want lots of winners this time and we need people to like and share and tell their friends to enter.  I just bought a second kindle in case we go over 250 entries-and I will add 5 more autographed hardback books if we do go over the 250 entries as well.

Tell your friends; they need to enter too!

And I added a FREE special for this month to run the 24-28thThe Oberllyn Origins is a fast-paced historical novel that reveals the roots of the Oberllyn family.  It’s a must-read to understand just why they (and most aboriginal peoples) really don’t trust the government. More than just a historical novel, the intriguing tale of how the Oberllyn Think Tank began starts with a basic injustice. In the beginning, the kidnapped ancestors of the Oberllyn’s had to rescue themselves from slavery in a strange land. How does someone travel from the freedom of Colonial Virginia to Scotland and back again generations later with their integrity unblemished? Who were the true barbarians, the colonists or the native peoples?  Travel back with us to the time when trees were tall, the settled country was being invaded by refugees from a failed civilization, and two young people who made the best of a terrible situation.  They founded a dynasty.  But their first task was survival.  Based on a true family story, it will keep you up way too late tonight!

And for now, I brave the heat to run a few errands and prep the home for the Sabbath. Good day!

PS, do you think I need another dog?  I think Dan does. He’s taken to shooting deer with bright yellow paintgun balls to chase them out of our alpaca fields. They carry a disease that kills alpacas; they are the bane of his existence, and now they are a bane with yellow splotches.  I suggested he look for glow in the dark balls…and he is seriously considering it.

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