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Mother Nature Has Lost Her Mind!

August 15, 2022, Mother Nature Has Lost Her Mind!

At least in Ohio, she has. She can’t seem to decide if it is summer or fall, whether we need rain, snow, fog, or sun, whether the temp needs to be 64 or 90.

However, we persevere. Eventually, it will start snowing and it will be winter. Until then, there are gardens to attend to, animals to care for, and kittens to pet; along with leash training our goats.

Four of them, quite cuddly and their mom does not mind me petting them.

In the meantime, we’ll be publishing the newest space book soon: here’s the first draft of the cover: it’s coming up mid-month and we trust you will enjoy it.

Here’s our first draft of the cover-the interior editing is done; once we settle the cover design, we publish! Watch for the announcement!

And of course, I have a new cozy mystery coming out next month: be sure to watch for that as well.

You do recall that our medieval fantasy, Forged in Water and Fire is on special this week? You might want to dash over to Amazon and get your copy to enjoy. Just jump to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0815SK4MX for your copy.

And added to all that, I have just completed the 24 writer’s lessons we will be posting as a course here: I’m also going to publish it so you will be able to just order the entire book if you don’t like the wait between lessons. I’m editing them all now-they are a lot longer than the little hints I’ve been including; speaking of which, the hint for this week is:

Hint number Seven: After the exposition, you need to set a crisis, a conflict,  a rising issue for your character.  If it’s a mystery, it could be a murder, or a mission person or object. If it’s historical, you might make sure your facts about the era are correct and go with a specific event that your character was part of while it happened.  If it’s science fiction, maybe a missile blew up?  You need a crisis that this book will solve next. It needs to build over several pages or chapters.  Lead your characters into that make it a doable dilemma.  Don’t box your character in so he can’t escape. Make it realistic.   I remember a joke about a little boy who was trying to tell a story to his dad one night.  He said, “And there were Indians coming from the north side, and the rebel army from the south and the monsters from the mountain caves on the west and the buffalo were stampeding from the east and the ground had terrible snakes everywhere,” and the little guy stopped obviously trying to figure out what to say next.  His dad said, “My!  Jake there is in real trouble!  How you going to get him out of it?”  The little guy sort of scrunched up his forehead and then brightened and said, “And them God swooped down with a Winchester…”  Your story has to be believable or the people will toss it.  God doesn’t need guns and you can’t overwhelm your characters with too much crisis.  They won’t live and neither will your book.

And the CBW just wants you to know that cooking with grandma is a wonderful thing, but reading is better!

We’ll talk to you next week! Keep writing-you can do this!

Have a grand day! Don’t forget to check out the humor page called giggles!

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