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And winter swings around again, sort of

Winter in Ohio is a little like a girl trying to decide what to wear to her next dance: it snowed, it rained, it was sunny, it was cold, it’s warm, it’s muddy or it’s frozen. If I changed my mind that much, Dan would put me away. However, with a combination of long/short sleeves, sweaters/capes, boots/shoes, and hats/scarves, we are making it through the indecisiveness of this winter. In the meantime, we are busy writing books, editing books, and launching books.

In our almost, sometimes, occasional spare time, we are raising alpaca and pomeranian dogs. I also take time to love on my great-granddaughter. There is simply something endearing about how little ones look up at you with myopic, trusting eyes, still trying to make sense of this world, just wanting to eat, sleep and cuddle. They lose that so soon and this world can be a cold place. If you have little ones, love them while you can.

I was skimming the news channels for anything good the other day and I came across these feel-good stories

First cause I love babies, I came across this one:

A miracle premature baby born the size of an iPhone spent Christmas at home after a “rollercoaster” year where his parents feared he may not survive. Little Myles weighed just 1lb 8oz when he was born 14 weeks premature on June 19. He came home after a six months-long battle, on Christmas eve this last year.

The next story hales from Washington, the state not the conglomerate on the Potamic River where they wouldn’t know an elk from a moose on a sunny day: On Christmas Eve, a dozen elk were freezing to death in the Kettle River south of Barstow, in Ferry County, Washington. They’d been crossing the river when the ice broke, stranding them. Jeff Stuart and Jordan Fish were out coyote hunting when they saw cows and calves that had fallen through the ice and gotten trapped. About 40 elk stood on the far side of the river. They’d either crossed successfully or opted against it when they saw what happened to the first 12. Jeff called his wife, Rylee, to let her know he was going to get some rope in Barstow, then head out onto the ice to try and pull the struggling animals out. The rescue party quickly grew. Rylee drove to the river with her mom and kids and, by the end of the day, more than two dozen people were helping pull the elk out, cover them in blankets and warm them by fire. One rescuer broke his hand, another fell into the freezing water, and one was kicked in the back of the head by an elk. But they shouldered on til nearly 8 pm and were able to rescue several of the animals. Some sadly didn’t make it but the ones that did were worth the risk. Random Acts of Kindness are more than just a movie idea-they’re real. As a therapist, I know the power of a kind act to others-it’s good for you, good for the world.

Good news is out there. Look for it. Ignore the fluff and chaos of the talking heads who can only see doom and gloom-and if you have a good story of someone or something that’s extraordinary, leave it in the comments-we’d all like to hear positive stuff. I’ll keep sharing what I find-you come along and share as well. God bless.

In the meantime, take a look at the newest jokes just posted, join one of our giveaways or download a free book: enjoy your stay. Y’all come back when you have the time; we’re here.

January 5, 2022: Frostheaves and cold winds and snow-oh my! Winter is coming back around here at Springhaven Croft-we are dropping to the teens tonight and colder tomorrow, and it is supposed to start snowing again Thursday at 5, with a suggested accumulation rivaling last year’s. It’s fine; we have a fireplace rick full and plan on sheltering in, writing sewing, eating hot soup and cornbread. Winter is one of those things that I enjoy watching from behind a window, and since I don’t have to go anywhere, I shall simply get things done inside-things like putting my books into hardcover editions, releasing a new book, and writing on the others.

Speaking of which, the newest book-released today! Is the prequel to the Oberllyn Generations series and explains the back story of how the clan started down the path they did; it’s a page-turner. It’s also going to be out on just about all fronts-not just Amazon, and it will be released in ebook, paperback, and hardback on Amazon; ebook everywhere else. You owe it to yourself, and your sense of curiosity, to get yourself a copy and set back in a comfy chair with a warm comforter, hot cup of cocoa, or tea, and lose yourself in another time…

Last year, this time

December 26,2021 What a difference a year makes! Last year (2020) at Christmastime, this was off my front porch. We had three inches of snow. It was a marvelous white Christmas with most of the family in attendance. We had huge plans for the year and I’d like to report a bunch got done.

Now fast forward to today and last night. It rained. I mean we even had thunder at one point.

However, the entire family was here and we had grand times, eating way too much, opening gifts, laughing at old stories, enjoying the new great-grandchild, keeping the younger boys out of the candy (well, mostly), and in general just loving being together.

We are a year older, hopefully, wiser, and closer than ever, in spite of the miles that usually separate us. Covid is still very much a factor in all of our lives: three of my kids are nurses; another works managing in retail, some of us have our own businesses and offices. All of us have been impacted by the pandemic and the upset in our society. In spite of it, we have all survived.

Some of how we survived we set into a book we are giving away for free-in as many ebook forms as we can because we think it could really help you, our readers and fans, to live a calmer, less anxious life.

And one thing we learned, no matter what Mother Nature sends us, snow, rain, sleet, or pandemics, God is still in control here, there, and everywhere. Family still loves us and there is always service to others to consider. No matter what the pundits, politicians, and even some of our acquaintances, this old world is still a pretty wonderful place. There are still flowers in the spring, and at this time a year, in my indoor gardens. There will be babies in the spring on this little farm, there will be new books out and gifts for our subscribers. There is still laughter to be heard from children. There is still love and closeness and life.

So a new year will be starting soon; we’ll share some of our plans in another blog. For now, let me just say that we hope here that you and yours had a great Christmas, a safe last year, and have hope in your hearts for our future. And if in doubt, read a good book!

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