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Babies in the Spring with a Chance of Snow

Great-grandma, until the snow stops outside, I think I shall just play in the library.

Our new chicks will soon be here; the canaries have hatched a couple babies, a new barncat has showed up in the barn and she is very expectant…Molly the alpaca is going to burst. Within the next few weeks, things are going to get really busy here on our farm. In the meantime, the creative writing class goes on at the library where twenty or so people come every other week to learn about the craft of writing. It’s really been fun.

Did you see/hear the State of the Union address? I am not terrifically political, but I think he did better than folks were expecting. I could not agree with many of the points our president made, but he seemed to be healthier than many thought, which is good. I shall watch the ensuing fighting with interest; I went down and did absentee voting since Dan and I will be in Maine on primary day.

I need to get before pics of our alpaca. We gave them their every six week injections today and their fleece is at least four inches deep and oh so soft. They get sheared the 25th and they will look really skinny except for their pregnant tummies. I can’t wait to have cria again.

And this week, we have another freebie just for you! I hope you will download it and enjoy and send us a review on Amazon.

The Two Sides of Love    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVHHF2PK

The Second free book of the month  is running from the 11th to the 15th and is possibly one of our best devotionals; it’s perfect for Lent or Easter reading. And for now, hope you find many blue birds on your feeders, keep warm and see you next week!

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