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Can You Think of a Name?

Stormy had her first Cria and the baby needs a name to be registered properly.

Stormy is proud as punch; the baby is wonderful but we can’t just keep calling her baby!

Monday the 20th we welcomed the newest cria (baby alpaca) to the herd and the ladies are thrilled. So much so that when our Pomeranian Fennec got it to take a look they stampeded him out. We thought it would be fun to have a contest to name her-she is a she- and we will award an autographed book from our list of your choice to whomever figures out the first, 3nd and third choices. So put on your thinking caps and name this baby! When you enter, be sure to let us know which book you prefer if you win!

And in other news, our latest book, Lessons from the Beastly University, newly re-edited, lengthened and recovered, is going to be released first week of June-watch for the special to come!

It was one of our most popular vellas, so we decided to put it out in ebook, paperback, hardback and eventually in audio. We added 8 chapters, and it’s a lovely book.

I am looking for a few more good readers to be advance readers. An advanced reader agrees that for a copy of the book, they will read it and write a review for Amazon-we hope good but if the book is awful, let us know; we need to fix it. Just contact me if you want to try our team.

Another picture of little no name and her mom to help you get creative about names. We were bringing in hay…

And our latest Vella to suggest this week is one of our favorites: The Multifaceted Mind-


And the 99 cent special for this week is another favorite of our readers-and you save $3 by downloading it this week to read- and it’s makes for great summer reading! May 26-June 2 Accidental Anomalies Action, love, and mind reading kids with scales, what is hidden in the lowest level of the Genetic research center? If you like action, thrills, sci-fi and really wicked bad guys, with a touch of romance, get some coffee, prepare to read all night. You are in for a ride. 


And now I need to close. Last I looked, Molly, another Alpaca, seems to be going into labor, and I have three more chapters to add to the latest book. Always busy! Love you all-get your names in! The contest ends the 15th because I need to get her registered. Thanks for your help!

You mean we can’t call her Boobaby?

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