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Surprise! Can You Say Criation?

An alpaca baby is called a cria, and when mama gives birth, it’s called criation. And 5 days after we told you about Stormy’s cria, Molly decided to bless us with her baby, and now we need two names, not one, so we are increasing the prizes to four, and asking for more help finding names for both. Both are female. Remember to send your suggestions quickly; if you have already entered, you can suggest more names but I am going to combine the suggestions all into one list. There are two winners for each cria, sine we have to have first and last names for the little girls; each prize is an autographed copy of ay book on our book page sent out postage paid to you. So remember to enter!

Stormy’s baby is light fawn colored.
Molly’s baby is white, almost albino, and seems pretty pleased with the stunt of being born two weeks early, but fine.

And I just wanted to get you this month’s specials so you don’t miss out on anything. There are three so far for June, and you’re going to love them!

June 2-9  Recipes From a Not so Functional Family Reunion will be our first 99   cent special of the month.

Let the world outside drop away for little while; come to the reunion with me and the old folks.  Join me as I share some memories and stories and yummy old-time recipes with you as I walk this memorial path back to the land of my childhood and kin in the Appalachians.

NEW BOOK THIS MONTH! June 10-14 will be a free download for my readers and I hope you will leave me a review on Amazon! It does really help others find my books. Lessons from the Beastly University Faculty 

What do wolf-dogs, gerbils, alpaca, Siamese cats and bunnies have in common?  Over my lifetime, I have been privileged to be owned by several pets and farm comrades. I’ve learned from all of them. This is by far not an exhaustive list, but I hope it helps you think a little bit about the lessons you learn from all those around you, four-legged, winged, wet, furred and feathered. They all have impacted my life in one way or other; they and many others are featured in this book of devotionals. Lessons From the Beastly University Faculty will bring you into a different way of looking at the animals in your life, their impact on your well-being, and your daily walk with God.

June 16-22 Criminally Spun Out will be 99 cents for one week-get your copy. Criminally Spun Out is a thrilling cozy mystery in the Fiber Mavens Series.  If you like cozy mystery, small towns, and unexpected endings, you are going to love this book.  Warning!  It’s a five-tissue and I need a hug story.

And now I need to dash out and (ick) take some blood out of the cria’s ear so they can be DNA tested and registered; just as soon as there is a name. I’ll pull the names Sunday afternoon-good luck and thank you for your help!

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