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Congrats to the Winners of Giveaway 2. 3 of 4 is Live!

October 21, 2022 If you have been emailed, please reply so I can send out your prize-I can’t believe 22 of the 32 winners have contacted me! One more day and I have to look for other winners: please check your spam! I don’t want you to be disappointed. And we simply must get these fall contests done before winter shows her face-it ice balled yesterday!

Get a move on Bucky, gotta check my spam filter for my email from Traveler. It’s time I ate another book!

As I write this, it is sleeting, hailing, trying to snow outside and the temp is dropping so my suspicion is that winter is trying to sneak up on us before I’ve had a chance to complete my fall giveaways. It was grand this time that in order to maintain my 1 in 4 winners average, I had to up the number of prizes-so will be mailing out 31 gifts in all as soon as everyone contacts me back. As I said above, only 22 have contacted me so far. I’ll post the winners once I get them all addressed and safely in the post office next week, however, I get a nice feeling thinking of the prizes and surprises I’m sending out. I do hope all of you like them and have a good time reading and you might even post a review on Amazon. Don’t forget to join the website list so you can continue to hear about more contests and news and specials.

Now as far as the farm this week, the cria is doing great. We’ve named him Echo. The CBW has discovered motor noises. In the morning when you first change her and set her on the floor to play, she takes off at a fast crawl buzzing (err,err,err, grrrr), and then falls to her tummy, spins around trying to decide a direction and takes off for whatever I have neglected to hang up out of reach. Her great-grandpa goes into almost helpless laughter at the performance. It almost makes up for her hiding his tools.

Just born a few hours earlier and very small, he is making headway and doing well in the herd now.

Dan was working on the organ he is building in the living room; he had his toolbox open and it was lying flat on the floor, reaching for things as he attached this to that on the pedalboard (a full AGO pedalboard) to the two keyboards he was lashing together and the controller box. He reached back for a wrench, and it was gone. Several others were too. It appears the munchkin discovered shiny chrome wrenches, the smaller ones, sounded lovely being clanged together. Knowing this was a daddy box, she sort of took all the small ones she could wrestle out and was in the library with a pile of them. It must have taken her several trips. He followed the sound of chiming and clashing and there she was, guilty as sin, smiling up at him. He retrieved them, to her dismay, and put them back in their places. She then found one of his prisma-colored true green pencils and when I found her with it, she tossed it into the parrot cage tray and took off ten feet, full tilt crawling run, then sat up as if to say, I didn’t do it, the parrot did. I baby-walked her back, helped her pick up the pencil then baby-walked her back to grandda’s study table to put it back up. Then I gave her a cookie. I am not a complete ogre…

I am innocent of all charges, officer. This is my crawly worm, and I did not just put a leaf in my mouth. Did you know pebbles don’t taste all that good?

Now enter Ivory, the puppy. We have a little pom we are housebreaking to be an inside dog since she is going to be way too small to hold her own against the other dogs-weighing in at under 5 pounds sopping wet. She looks for all the world like a baby polar bear, all white with black button nose and eyes. She and baby must learn to co-exist, which means no tail pulling, ear twisting, hair yanking-gentle hands only. So far, it’s going well. The dog prances just out of her baby reach and she chases him as fast as it can crawl and it greatly is increasing the baby’s endurance. Not my patience, perhaps, but it’s good for them both. And finally, that brings us to our 3 of 4 fall giveaways which has started (see contests page)

and runs for just two weeks. This time, we are giving away 25 devotionals, historical novels, Christmas books and a Kindle 7 with a lovely cover to 26 lucky folks. I try and keep the ratio of winners to 1 in 4, recall I had to up it by 3 the first giveaway and 6 the second give away-so if we go over 100 people entering, I’ll up it enough so the ratio stays true. I hope you will tell your friends about it, and your relatives and that you will enjoy winning. Enter quickly- you won’t have long to wait for this one! And I think you’ll love the cover I chose. Be careful out there; be sure to enter and God bless you this fall season. Go to the gifts menu and contests right now to enter.

Ivory is small but mighty; she caught this big guy here by just sitting on his feet.
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