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Encouragement for the New Year

And you know you need it!

Hi, fellow journeyers! It’s wet, cold and dreary out, so I decided what we needed was a free book and in honor of our bestseller The Oberllyn’s Overland now being in hardback(just got that done!), we are offering the ebook edition for free to you from January 10 to January 14. Don’t forget to hurry and download your copy! Stay warm, download yourself a copy and take a well deserved rest traveling with the Oberllyn’s to California to quell a rebellion and start a new colony!

Get your copy on the 10th and no later than the 14th at

I thought a little humor might be in order as well, so added some more over on the website giggles page, just hop over and smile a bit on this rainy winter day.

I can’t even read yet and they make me laugh!

And finally, remember that we’re thinking of all of you as we prep for the new years’ books and giveaways and we hope we’ll be able to keep you entertained and blessed. Glad to know you all and hope to hear from you soon!

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