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Blame it on the Rain!

This is so cool! When grandpa lies down on the floor to take a nap before lunch, he makes this awful loud burring noise like a giant cat.

The rain finally stopped after two days and tons of mud; however, it has shifted to snow, that little, pellet sized kind that slowly covers everything.  It is a slushy mess outside.   When it was nice out the other day, I took the CBW out for a walk. She was totally with that idea.  She wanted to go out today and she cannot understand why I don’t turn off the rain. It has to be my fault, or somebody’s. She didn’t even have to have a sweater on.

On these nasty type days, it’s so good we have several indoor gardens; for instance, can you see the orchid is going to bloom again? I can’t wait to see what color it turns out to be; I have around a dozen of them in different colors but neglected to write on the pot their color; all I know is that some of them are coming out of dormancy and showing new growth.

See the little frond like stems coming up? They’ll have several flowers when they finish coming out.
We’ve been harvesting greens form our hydroponics for the last week r so. They keep us nicely supplied in winter. Good thing since it’s a couple bucks a head at the store and more for those already prepared into salads in bags.

I am trusting most of you downloaded your free copy of The Oberllyn’s Overland last week; it’s just the sort of weather to curl up with it and get some rest.  The book had just gone into hardback so to celebrate we gave ebook versions away for free that first week. We’re going to do a similar thing to all the books in the Oberllyn series, so far, the first two are done; 11 more to go.

I just completed the first edit of my newest book to come out in time for lent called The Sage, the Swindler and the Sheep; it’s about the book of Colossians and is meant to be a daily devotional for the 40 days of Lent.  I had a rewarding time preparing it for you.

Piper’s Impass is doing well on vella; if you haven’t dashed over to see what that is about, you ought to. It’s another way to enjoy books on the go. This one is fantasy/legends/fiction and could be young adult as well.

Piper had her life planned. Finish her dissertation; graduate, teach, do research, find a nice professor, get married, have 2.5 kids, and live happily ever after. Then she went to Baxter State Park to complete her research and met Sebastian, a handsome, well-mannered, war veteran with a very sketchy past and present. Suddenly, her plan does not look so good, and there are enough tribal and family secrets to make monsters real and the future of Piper, her family, and Sebastian’s tribe doubtful. 


I have just completed making a template for my newsletter totally unlike the one I used last year ;the old one simply looked like an email.  This one is much nicer, will still go out in email, but it’s more informative, prettier and to the point.  And it always starts with a smile for all my fellow journeyers.  If you are on my regular email list, you’ll get a copy sometime this weekend-if not, you need to get down on the contact form and get your own copy. I’d love to add you to the list.

Great grandma said we need to hurry so we best get a head start. My legs aren’t as long as yours.

And there is so much we are planning; from a giveaway in February (did I tell you there is a one week one running as we speak?  It’s over this Tuesday so you best get hopping if you’re joining up. Just go to my FB page, Traveler Pelton, and sign up.


A large giveaway with a kindle and cover as a grand prize is going to start in February-watch for it on the contest page.  I am releasing a book a month at least tis year, and have them all laid out to work on in order.  I am putting together box sets for the Clan Falconer chronicles, The Fiber Mavens books 1-3, a set of devotional books, the Fur Family  series, the Space series and possibly a couple more.  Melody’s Zoo has a third book coming out, and there is a new mystery  series coming  and a new Series called Hidden America-all about things like Sasquatch and the legends that made us  reimagined. Book one is on Zella but will be released in April, followed by books 2 and 3.  We are going to be so busy.  However, never to busy to talk to our fellow wanderers-if there is a question or you wonder what our calendar looks like  check the newsletter, or drop us a note.  Blessings, peace and stay warm!

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