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First Steps to Eden Garden are Getting Underway

The weather suddenly turned warm, then frosted, then warm and tonight, it’s supposed to thunderstorm. Most of underground veggies are in-potatoes, onions, gladiolas, and such.

Great-grandma, are you sure this is how we get mashed potatoes?

Dan has been putting in the surrounded fence: first marked it on the ground with baling twine, and then started the process of getting fence up, and security lamps everywhere-for bunnies and deer. He’s adding two benches on the inside and two arbors, one at each end to grow flowering things like scarlet runner beans.


The bees have been feisty; he got into them today and found no less than twelve queen cells. He split those up and we now have 4 hives. Both the CBW and I have been strung, but were moving it farther away down field so ourselves and neighbors are safer.

I need to plant more mint so the honey has our special flavor.

In the meantime, among all this business, I managed to get another book on vella, so that makes three.

Maletha Evans knew one thing for sure; the military was trying to steal her children, and she was not going to allow them to succeed.  If you like paranormal, mild romance, mental telepathy, wildly gifted kids, horrible bad guys, and a sneaky government, you are going to love this book. PsyComs is found on Vella at ASIN B0BXYDBJDR

Pipers Impasse If you enjoy old legends, spooky mountain spirits, mild romance and government conspiracies, along with danger and twisted bad guys, this book is for you.  Piper thought she knew a few things for certain:  she was going to finish her dissertation; graduate, teach, do research, find a nice professor to marry. Then she went to Baxter State Park where she met Sebastian. Read it on Vella at ASIN B0BNPS3H7

And finally, Pipers Impasse came out an an ebook this week; it had run it’s full spate of chapters on Vella so I set it down, edited it, added some new things to it and sent it out as a paperback/ebook/hardback. You can find Pipers Impasse on Amazon.

And now, the guys are waiting for their supper, and the natives are tired. See you next week!

There is nothing so comfy as Great-grandpa’s tummy…
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