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Will Kai, Noel and Micah prevent the earth’s implosion before the Day of the Dead?   Does Catriona love Gabriel enough to become one of the Oberllyn clan?
The Obligation of Being Oberllyn   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GZS2C4M
This week only in celebration of this book being in hardback now, we are running a download special – 99 cents per download on Amazon.

And our giveaway for spring is now over and we had so much response! I’ve spun the randomizer and the winners are being contacted by email-so watch for an email from me, Traveler, telling you you’ve won if you entered-over 600 of you did, so I’d say there is a good chance. Check your spam filter.

Fawn and Scott went to Washington this last week to relax, Dan and I went to the Cleveland Clinic to have tests done on our brains-we aren’t sick, and they aren’t trying to find out if we have one, it’s a special long term study being done on how the brain ages. They are especially trying to find out how to stop dementia and I’m all for that, so we volunteered and spent 24 hours in a sleep study, MRI that lasted an hour!, ECG, blood work, oral psychosocial exam-that one was kinda fun, lots of puzzles. Afterwards, we dashed over to the West marker and bought fresh fruit and came home pretty tired, but happy to help. I’;ll let you know if they find out brains…

Meanwhile, the CBW is suffering from uncle Scott withdrawal He’s been gone out of her little life for 10 whole days and she’s used to being babysat by he and Aunt fawn and she can’t find them anywhere. In her baby mind, people you love aren’t supposed to just disappear. They’ve been having baby withdrawal, too and will be here tomorrow to take her out to the park and playground and in general, prove they didn’t mean to disappear.

I have been looking everywhere for my uncle Scott and aunt Pon. Grandma says they went to vacation. I don’t know where that is but someone better take me there too.

So run over to Amazon, get your copy of the book before its no longer on sale-I mean, save yourself some money, you know you want to read it-and have a great, if soggy week.

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