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Free Books, Winter Storms and Cozy Fireplaces

See that pink rocker by the edge of the photograph-that’s where I’m headed after this catch-up!

There is a winter storm headed our way; we’ve got all the animals snuggled in and warm, the windows and doors are locked up, and the fire is ready; I’ve got a book to read, a nice drink to sip and I am heading into the weekend in a restful sort of mind. I hope you are too. However, I wanted to let you know of a flash freebie! Starting fifteen minutes ago and continuing for 3 days, our book, The Infant Conspiracy is a free download on Amazon-yes, free, and you are going to enjoy it on these predicted zero days and too cold to go out. Get your copy now! Snuggle down with hot cocoa and this good book and drift away form the cold, wind, snow and icy roads. You deserve it! And it’s on audible now too, if you’d like to just close your eyes and listen to the book with the wind in the background.

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