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A Long Snowy Road to the Barn

And down the street the morning after we had the snowstorm.

I do hope it didn’t get too bad out where you live. The weather predictors called for 4-7 inches of snow, high gusty winds, and a real mess out overnight.

Next morning, no drifts, no high winds, some bluster, not what I’d call bad, and around 5 inches. It made for a lovely snowy path to go see our animal companions who were snug in their hen house or their stable or puppy barn. The single digit cold had given way to the teens and lower twenties-it had been in single digits for a week before the snow came and things were well frozen out.

Of course, mid week we had to go get groceries and took the CBW to an Italian restaurant; she adores breadsticks and fettucine.

Well, of course. Who wouldn’t like nice garlicky and chewy breadsticks on a cold, blustery day?

And we still have six female pom puppies to rehome. Nine people have called to say they were coming to see them and not a one showed. That is really different from other years. Normally they’re rehomed within three weeks or so. This time, no.

And this week from today, Sunday until January 24, The Infant Conspiracy is a free download. You really need to get your copy to read for just this sort of cold, really messy day. You have an excuse for not going out-you need to find out how it ends…The Oberllyn’s want to retire from quasi-military espionage but when the U.S. economy tanked the government sells indebted citizens into slavery; Serenity Center is forced to become a slave labor camp; the family is unwillingly drafted to save their home, their tribe, the United States and humanity from destruction.

And finally, thank you to all who have remembered my shoulder surgery and recovery. I am in physical therapy now to regain use of that arm and it’s going moderately well-it’s really sore but that’s to be expected. For now, take care, drop us a comment and let us know how the storms went where you live.

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