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Isn’t Nature too old for PMS?

Sunny Thursday and 68’, Snowing Friday and 31’; Welcome to Ohio!

What do you mean, naptime? We just got here, didn’t we?

Good evening!

One day the CBW and I are outside enjoying the animals; the next day, she is crying and fussy because we can’t go out;  it’s too cold.  The outdoors are looking more and more like a snow globe, which is more normal than shirt sleeve weather for this time of year.    It reminds me of many of my adult friends who fuss when it’s summer because it’s too hot and fuss about winter because it’s too cold.  We never seem to be content. 

And speaking of content, I’m getting excited because we are nearly at the end of our giveaway and then I get to send prizes out-get entered if you aren’t!  Just go to the gifts page, hit giveaways and sign up.  Someone has to win, why not you?

When it was nice on Wednesday, the CBW and I went outside.  She stood and watched the cars zipping by on our little road.  She studied them, turned around and looked at my car, then back again.  Having made up her mind, she dashed over,  patted the tires on my Taurus, then got behind it, push on it’s bumper and made vroom, vroom sounds.  Made perfect sense to her; her toy cars work that way.  She got really upset when the big one in the driveway wouldn’t play.

It’s a nice little car but does not respond to pushing.

And in case you’ve not gotten a book for Lent reading-or you just want a good devotional to read- don’t forget our book, The Sage, the Swindler and the Sheep.  It’s all about Colossians and misconceptions and deceptions that have been going on for centuries.

Have you been enjoying the daily humor I’ve been putting on my facebook page, Traveler Pelton?  You ought to dash over there if only to see what I haven’t posted on my giggles page here.  It’s good to smile.

And one last thought; I’ve got tulips up 4 inches outside and crocuses showing color and the snowdrops are out-and it’s snowing.  Someday, there will be real spring, not fake spring.  Blessings everyone; keep your spirits up and hopes high.  Traveler

Next attraction: Spring!
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