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Winners of The Winter Blah’s Giveaway!

Here is the list just completed and ready to mail out Tuesday, of the winners of the Winter Blah’s giveaway-congratulations to all! There were two others chosen but they never contacted me back, so I went ahead- not fair to make everyone else wait. Blessings and watch for the next contest on the gifts page.

Do the prizes come with donut holes? Ought to have donut holes.

Deanna of IN
Alison of MA won the kindle 7
Dianne of OR
Lisa of VA
MIchael of AZ
MIkhail of NY
Helen of AL
Sandra of NC
Peggy of VA
Linda of CA
Greg of TX
Susan of WI
Linda of AZ
Tammy of NJ
Cassandra of CA

God bless and hope you all enjoy your prizes. Oh, and Allison won the kindle this time. Thank you for the 261 who entered. It was fun and now that it’s nearly spring here, the blah’s will lift and we shall do out next one in a little while. Have a grand day.

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