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It Might be Cold But its Warm!

Yes, it’s winter but I just got some incredible news!

Were you like me in school being picked last pretty much always?  I got picked near the top when it was something like spelling bees or science roundtables.  But softball, basketball, flag football, even tumbling, dead last.  One year a kid moved to our school district who was in a wheelchair and she got picked before me.  I used to dream of being picked third or fourth (I never even dreamed of first.) and then actually being able to hit a ball and make it to first base. We played a lot of softball at school.  The principal was a baseball nut who could recite from memory all the hitting averages of gobs of guys.  He couldn’t remember my name, but if I were Mickey Mantle or Hank Aaron, he’d have known all about me.

Someone do something! My Great grandma needs a hug! I hate sad stories…

I am well on my way to erasing those memories and it’s all because of you! My fellow wayfarers and journeymen!  Guess what you did?  I went to my Amazon page and according to the review folks my newest book, The Sage, the Swindler and the Sheep is now ranking on Amazon as number 1 in two categories!

This is heady stuff! And I am extending the free status for all of you until until 6 EST  tomorrow Feb. 4, so get a free copy for yourself on Amazon- just go to download the link

at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BSTQHF5K

Tell your friends to do the same thing!  It’s a really good book, the ranking prove that, if nothing else, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all so much for letting me reach this goal. I’ve always wanted to be # 1 in something.

And just while you are here, drop over to the  gifts page and join the giveaway-it’s free and you could win a kindle 7 with a pretty spring cover just to chase your blahs.

See you next week!  Blessings to all!

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