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Journeymen, Wanderers and Voyagers; Can you believe it?

From zero to 3000+ in a year-amazing and all because of you.

I started this webpage about a year ago and it has grown to quite the endeavor. I would not have been here without you, my faithful readers, so I am ever so thankful. In spite of the 5 inches of snow outside, the sun is shining and I am getting things done, so all is well.

Last week, I heard Guitarist Jeff Beck passed away. He used to be in the Yardbirds back when I was a kid and he could make a guitar sing, dance and frolic in a way that made you want to go right out and get a guitar yourself. I can recall dancing in my dorm room to “For Your Love” and nearly getting expelled from school. (I attended a conservative Christian boarding school and we weren’t supposed to have radios. I just had to have my music. They got my radio but I kept my cassette player. I was a little more circumspect with it. We also weren’t supposed to dance, but Oh, well.) Do you remember that music? What was your favorite song from the times?

Before I go off down memory lane, I need to get a couple things in for you: first we have a giveaway starting shortly and you want to get enrolled in another day or so when it opens and second, the newest books, The Sage, the Swindler and the Shepherd will be a free download from Amazon the 31st til the 4th of February-it’s written to give you daily Lent readings-and who’d have thought a rock loving old grandma would write such things? God does do strange things sometimes.

If I could attach music to this, I would, but if you close your eyes and think back to the days when we were all younger, a little more carefree and a whole lot better dancers, you can see and hear it in your mind’s eye. Until next time, blessings and peace out. Traveler

Grandpa, great-grandma is dancing in the living room again. What do we do?
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