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Just in Time for Lent and You!

Just in time for Lent-which starts March 2 this year if I am reading my calendar correctly, we have a new devotional just for you! I am hoping to be able to offer it during the first few days at a reduced cost for my fans but we’ll see what Amazon allows. If I can make it free for a few days, I will because I think it will help my fans/friends/ so much and I’d like to get as many reviews as I can in the first week: so download your copy and let me know what you think! I just wanted you, my favorite people, to see it first: here’s the cover once:

and later in the month Feb 13 and 14, check out The Obellyn Origins: and at the start of March, we have a new cozy mystery coming-so much going on here! Share the website with your friends-we have several wonde4rful specials coming up you will not want to miss! And to all those who won in last month’s giveaway, thank you for your kind words and new reviews: I am so glad you loved them. Watch for all the specials and new books and contests and such-thank you for being a fan! Blessings from all of us here at Potpourri Publishing-J. Traveler

Hope you survived Winter Storm Landon: Feb 4, 2022

We are at a level two still as I write this, but wanted to let those who were in the giveaway that I kept my promise: I took all the books down to the post office this afternoon as soon as we were allowed to drive and mailed them out to you: so hopefully, you will be getting them in a week or so. I was told that delivery might be slow in a couple of states due to the climate stuff going on.

The last batch of books, all packed and ready to go to the post office for the winners

Here we only got 5 inches of snow, but nearly 3/8 inch ice. It made for some interesting chiseling to get the car out, let me tell you! However, we were out and back and by the warmth of our fireplace shortly. Since we were watching the infant, did not get as much writing done as I prefer. And wouldn’t you know it, sometime during the storm, Molly, our greedy momma alpaca, knocked the feed can over and they all gorged themselves: so not we have to do with what is called grain overload, meaning we have to give them a sodium bicarb drenching every hour or so-have you ever heard an alpaca belch? It smells horrible! And they are of course, as miserbale as a kid day after Halloween.

The guilty parties…

In spite of it all, it’s been not a bad week here at the farm and the book store. I’m planning on several specials in the month of February: a book to be released mid-month (more on that later) and possibly a freebie or two, so stay tuned!

I’ll post again next week.

And the Temp Just Keeps on Dropping!

Really, it’s been 8 below this week-and tonight is supposed to drop below zero as well. The weatherman says next week it’s supposed to get above 50 by Wednesday, so all this snow is turning to mud mid-week. I’d rather have the snow. At any rate, it’s cold outside but very nice in here. Those of you who have entered our giveaway, remember that if you entered by the 30th, I am giving anyone who entered before the date a consolation gift: so if you haven’t entered, get it done, and if you have, drop me an email with your mailing address; you are certain to get something!

Looking out the back yard off the porch

It has been a long and tiring week and I am so glad the Sabbath is here. We buried another dear friend lost to covid: Dan, Fawn, and I had the service for our friends. I completed the devotional for this Lent and gave it to the editor: I will order the cover Monday, and I got a bunch of editing done on two other books and got 10,000+ words into the newest space novel. And just a couple of days left to sign up for the giveaway-I’ve been compiling a database to choose the winners from randomly: it will be good to send out the prizes: I hope by end of next week. So up and down and back; but the house is warm, I just finished hugging the great-grandchild and although cold out, it’s warm inside. Dan gave Violet some pointers on taking a nap: she grows ore every day. And watch the freebies page: I will shortly be posting a freebie to occur only a limited time in February. God bless and hope all is restful for all tonight.

Dan teaching the little one how to nap on a cold winter’s day
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