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March Tornados, April Showers and Summer in May?

There is no explanation I can readily think of; I mean climate change and all that global warming stuff, but this is simply the oddest year so far!

We had very little snowfall; we have had 8 tornados in Ohio so far , and now another bad storm coming in tonight. It’s supposed to be in the high 80’s for the next few days. April is usually the last frosts and 60-70 degrees. It’s a good thing we had the alpaca sheared early or they’d have hard time of it.

In spite of it, the flowers are lovely-if three weeks early. The lilacs are blooming, the tulips are nodding their overly large flowers, and I’ve got most the back flower beds weeded out. I can’t find peony baskets save my neck.

This was taken 2 years ago at the end of May. It’s end of April and they are blooming even bigger now.

This weekend is going to be a quiet one. Dan is at a church leaders conference all weekend; Fawn and Scott are camping with friends, T-Bear is going to Cincinnati for a cuber contest/convention, the CBW is going to her step-brother’s birthday party at the trampoline park and it’s just me here all weekend. I expect to get a lot done.

This is a very old house I live in (it’s on the tax records in the 1860’s). It’s been mightily renewed by several of the folks who have lived in it, but when it’s mostly empty and there is a storm going outside, it doesn’t feel quiet. It creaks and groans and acts like it misses the normal bustle, almost as much as I do. I plan on spending much time editing this weekend and sewing. I will be busy and part of that time will be spent figuring out which books to put on special for you. The newest one, Tea Me and Memory of course will be in the mix, but what else would you like to have me put o special? You can go to the books page and let me no or comment below. Watch for announcements of what’s coming early next week.

And now, the CBW just came in the back door, she wants a snack and to play in the sink. Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!

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