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Demolishing Dandelions* AND this Month’s Specials Just in Time

*And other weeds too numerous to list

Think I’m going to hide behind this table until great grandma finishes her rant

Just how many weeds can one garden grow? I have no idea, but we got ’em! And Dan and I and the cultivator and the CBW spent most of the last few mornings in the garden, planting, tilling, pulling weeds and setting to rights before Dan and I leave this weekend for a 3-day jaunt into our younger days. Our 50th wedding anniversary is this week and we have arranged to go to Amish country and stay a couple days and ignore the growing pile of spring things. In the meantime, no good idea goes unpunished so for the past five days we’ve been gardening. Now, I love gardening, there is nothing quite as satisfying-where maybe getting a new book out, than gardening. However, there has always got to be something to screw up the good feelings so somehow, all those plants that don’t belong here and won’t grow in rows properly-that is, weeds- have made a sudden spring comeback and my hands are actually sore in spite of wearing gloves…

But resting in the really hot afternoons(we’re talking upper 80’s this week, which is way above normal) gave me time to set up this month’s specials, and they are great ones. We have two absolutely free books and two 99 cents ones for you to enjoy as Amazon downloads. Let’s get them in here:

Our first special for May is my newest book-and it’s free

May 6-10 Tea Me and Memory  

Join me in the realm of poetry as I spend time remembering some of the events that shaped my world, tragic, happy, sad, crazy.  Sit a spell, pour yourself a cup of tea, grab some shortbread, relax and tarry with me as I describe what the world was, is, and ought to be.  I’ll be glad of your visit.


and our next one is a wonderful devotional based on one of Paul’s shorter letters:

May 12-19 The Sage, The Swindler and the Sheep  is a 99 cents download this week!

Paul, an old bachelor giving advice from family relationships to struggles between truth and fake hidden mysteries, as a Roman prisoner fighting for his life, trying to lead his flock 1300 miles away. Was Paul an interfering old grump or a farseeing prophet?   This book on Colossians may change your opinion of the man who caused revivals  or riots.

May 20-24  The Infant Conspiracy is a free download this third week!

Want pulled into the action? The Infant Conspiracy will keep you up past your bedtime! Noel and Violet just want to retire but the U.S. economy tanks; Serenity Center is forced to become a slave labor camp; the Oberllyn’s are drafted to save humanity from annihilation by a man-made virus.. The government must have scapegoats, and the Oberllyn’s are lined up in their sights. It’s scary but all too plausible.

May 26-June 2 Accidental Anomalies will be a 99 cent download on Amazn- Action, love, and mind reading kids with scales, what is hidden in the lowest level of the Genetic research center? If you like action, thrills, sci-fi and really wicked bad guys, with a touch of romance, get some coffee, prepare to read all night. You are in for a ride.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08ZXRY27T

And thank you for all the well wishes about our special day, and thank you for being a reader and a friend. Hope to hear from you and don’t forget your specials.

By the way, I just added two new books to vella-Mama’s Almost Left the Room; Pondering the Past of a Three-Generational Momhttps://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0CW1766P7


Afflicted anomalies   https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0CW17JD4J

Have a great week!

It got so hot Uncle Scott took me for ice cream! Who knew there were stores just for ice cream? This bears further investigating and Scott can get his own ice cream. I got sprinkles!

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