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TGIF except for the Dishwasher, Kittens Rain, and the Vacuum

They haven’t got the message!

And I can’t say I blame the Statue of Liberty…life happens.

Fridays are always busy around here, but most days they are not approaching the level of chaos I would consider catastrophic. It’s been raining several days on and off-well more like monsoon sometimes, so the mud levels outside are turning into quagmires. The mud gets tracked in even if everyone remembers to take off their shoes at the door, which thankfully most do. However, I needed to vacuum al that dried dust up and bingo-broken. Dan no sooner fixes that and the dishwasher makes odd noises and completely quits washing with gunky water still inside. Tris dashes in to let us know the barn cat is having her kittens under the bench I just set up in the garden yesterday on my nice clean mulch and so far there are two but she’s still working. I call for Dan who is watching the cat, and return of the husband fixer, part two as he takes it all apart, vacuums it out and repairs whatever widget it needed. Dishes are now washing when blam ! our planned short grocery shopping trip has enlarged to going twenty-five miles to another town where they might have peony baskets-no where in town here has them-and Dan says we need to be looking at affordable replacement dishwashers and we need to pick up the autoharp we’d dropped off for repair a couple weeks back at the music store-the list grows, the length of time available in the day does not, and while we are running full out to get done before sundown, life is approaching really crazy. And it’s clouding up for our fifth rainstorm in five days…

But great-grandma, more kitties is a good thing.

However, before we left I did not want to go until I’d reminded you of next week’s special- a real goodie. We are putting one of our bestsellers in this next week as a 99 cents special just for you! Don’t forget to download your copy!

  For the Love of a Child  is a 99 cent special April  22-28-mark it down on your to-do list!

When Pum Sr. built a zoo to entertain his dying child, it wasn’t his intention to attract a scholarly sociopath. If you enjoy zoos, small towns, cozy mysteries, and exciting plot twists, you are going to love the latest series by Traveler.  This is book 1 of the series.

Have a grand rest of the day! Anybody want a barn kitten in about 8 weeks?


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