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Mothers, Anniversaries and Love

We made a three day trip and I am not the best photographer, and Dan never smiles in pictures. However, we are happy.

This past Wednesday was our fiftieth anniversary so we took a three day trip to commemorate our 3 day honeymoon fifty years ago. Our honeymoon was spent driving to go to school, Ohio to Georgia, in a beat up ancient faded burgundy station wagon with Dan’s motorcycle strapped to the top. Almost all our worldly goods were in or on that car somewhere-I am surprised it could make it up the mountains and down safely. We slept in the back of the car on a stack of sleeping bags. After the peanut butter sandwiches ran out, we ate in Tacobel. Our present trip was in a nice sedan and we stayed in a resort, and for old times sake we ate in Tacobel once.

And as I write this, the next holiday is Mother’s Day. I can’t believe how years dash by when your kids are little. I’ve had the privilege of raising my own four children, and then a second generation of two we adopted and now have grandchildren and great-grandchildren to look after. They all had their challenges but all are people I am so proud of; I hope you are blessed someday to raise kids if you wish to do so. I think sometimes were try to pressure people to have children and they don’t really want to. To be a good parent, you need to want to be and be willing to give up a section of your heart permanently, because once you look into your baby’s eyes, a piece of you bonds to them and you are forever connected.

Most of the clan; several weren’t here that day but we were having a good time together.

Now after 50 years of marriage to the same long suffering guy, 48 years of being a mom, a grandma and great grandma, and working with families during my mental health career, I look back and wonder where all the years have gone. It has been a good life, a good career and I am thankful for all the blessings I’ve received.

And now, just before I head out to make supper, I want to remind you of this next week’s special for all my readers and friends; love you all and are thankful you exist:

Starting Sunday, Mother’s Day, May12-19 The Sage, The
Swindler and the Sheep
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God Bless and have a grand Mother’s Day and remember, most mom’s like flowers. Dinner’s nice too.

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