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Rain, the Mud and Other Things

Rain means I can’t go outside to play. That is not fair.

I just checked my journal, it has rained every other day for the last three weeks. The amount of mud being transferred to the carpets is enough to build a third world country. I actually broke the new vacuum cleaner and Dan had to fix it. In the meantime, the CBW is with us a bit more and she hates being housebound. Her dad and mom are doing overtime the next two weeks. On sunny days, we are out in the gardens by 10, after the pet care process and breakfast clean-up are done; yet still I have weeds that are up to my waist. At least the chickens are happy with the baskets full of weeds we are tossing over the fence to them. Our dogs think its all my fault. After all, we humans turn water on and off at the outside spigot all the time; why can’t we turn off the sky?

However, I am not complaining. Once summer arrives and it warms up and dries out, it is going to be miserable hot and our gardening will be done just after dawn. Is it that way wherever it is you live?

In the meantime, the vella books are doing fine; we have a new book coming out later this month and I have a freebie special for you!

This week, starting on Monday, our bestselling book, The Infant Conspiracy; will be a free download for five days, May 20-24.That’s right, FREE. Get your copy before it’s over! It’s a sci-fi action thriller that is just too close to real for comfort. You will be pulled into the action!

The Infant Conspiracy will keep you up past your bedtime! Noel and Violet just want to retire but the U.S. economy tanks; Serenity Center is forced to become a slave labor camp; the Oberllyn’s are drafted to save humanity from annihilation by a man-made virus. The government must have scapegoats, and the Oberllyn’s are lined up in their sights. It’s scary but all too plausible. Get some coffee, you’re going to be up late.

And I just looked out the window and in the lull, I am running out to get groceries; the staff has to eat! Blessings and happy gardening, reading and whatever else you love to get away from it all.

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