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New Cozy Mystery Announcement!

I know you have been patient and we just want to let you know…

I can’t stand the wait! Give me some more scrambled eggs, Great-grandma, or there is going to be a major meltdown from excitement!

Woo Hoo!  I just sent Book two of Melody’s zoo to the publisher, which means it will be available for all of my lovely friends by this Tuesday.    All of those of my friends who love cozy mysteries, this is the last one this year-I am working on a bang-up new series that is simply going to be mind-blowing but it won’t start up until February.  I will have some specials in December and January, but nothing is really ready to be sent out unless it is another devotional I am attempting to get ready.

However, to get back to this book,  in Lovingly, Criminally, Crosstitched, The Tritown’s (Lyonsville, Fern Valley, and Friedman)sheriffs have banded together in a mutual help agreement, partly because they really dislike having the FBI and Homeland charging around their towns unaccompanied; partly at the urging of the town fathers who like to save money by sharing resources and partly because they just want their small towns to be safe again.  The Pum’s are hoping that the bad times are behind them with the dispersal of the professor and his wayward students, but find themselves enmeshed in a more personal and dangerous mystery rooted in their own family past.  If you enjoy small towns, zoos, romance, cozy mysteries, and happy endings, you are going to love book two of our Melody’s Zoo mysteries. I will let you know exactly when it has gone to print/and online at Amazon. But in the meantime,

You mean there’s more news and it’s better than spaghetti?

The drawing for the Fall #3 of 4 giveaway is Monday night and I can’t wait to see who won!  Thank you all for joining.  The final giveaway for this year,  #4 of 4 starts on the 7th and runs all the way to the 30th to give you plenty of time to tell your friends. The grand prize is a kindle 7 with a lovely cover and 50 paperbacked, autographed books will go out to 50 lucky fans.  They would all make wonderful Christmas gifts for yourself or others, and someone has to win, so don’t forget to join up! It might as well be you! (Do you sense a pattern? paperbacks and kindles? I’ll need to think of a new pattern for the 1st quarter of next year’s giveaway. I try to run 4 a year but this year ran 7 of them. I don’t want to get boring.)

I will post the winners’ names for #3 of 4’s drawing as soon as all those who are contacted get back to me.

And somehow, I managed, while watering my flowers on the back porch, to slip and fall crash face down on the concrete floor; so I am taking this old body to bed.  I like to scared the CBW to death!  And the little white dog is still cowering under the flower stand in the corner.  Great grandma’s are not supposed to go crashing about like that, I guess, at least to the smallest of our members. God bless and good night!

You gotta stay cool and eat your pretzels. Me and the fluffy thing over here can’t stand crashing.

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