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Raining, Gifting, Traveling, and RAVE!

I been good, great grandpa, why can’t I go?

What a week it has been here!  I was peacefully at work in the office, catching up on all those little things you do before being gone for a week.  I got an email from my travel agency wanting to know if I got the message all my flight plans had been changed by the airline?  I had not.  I spent the next 5 hours frantically trying to fix the new arrangements to match an actual human schedule-I do not take 6 am flights from Columbus, it takes 1 hour to drive, and you are supposed to get there by 4, so I’d leave at 3 and these old bones do not get up in the dark.  And the conference does not end until 2 on Friday so I wasn’t heading back at 10.  Anyway, we fixed that.  Finally.  And are going to be leaving Sunday morning, just not as early.

This reminds me since it is absolutely pouring rain outside; and we just found out there’s a leak in the pantry roof, which has Dan all frustrated because he can’t get to it before we leave to do any repairs.  He doesn’t like leaving anything waiting. The house shall survive. He shall too. This too shall pass.

The CBW assures us that a little nap makes the world seem better…

What did you think of this year’s elections?  Did it surprise you?  I cannot believe that with all our technology and stuff, it takes so long to get results.  You do realize before the computers got involved, we had the results on local races by 9 pm, and state races by the next morning usually?  Now it’s three days later as I write this and we still don’t know if the house and senate are going to be D or R majorities.  That’s totally ridiculous.  No wonder people doubt the results.

Did you know you can no longer get a fit bit that works with your computer; they all have to be tethered to your mobile?  Therefore, I can’t use them anymore.  I’ve had Fitbit’s for six years and now they’ve improved themselves out of normal use.  That’s too bad.  Any suggestions for other good trackers that aren’t mobile or tablet-based?  OK so I stop grumping about the week’s events, let’s move on to something of more interest and less aggravation.

Sometimes you need something cute to calm you down-so we could all use a picture of a cria right now.

The CBW has her first birthday soon.  She’s growing so fast; we need to enjoy this as long as we can.  Anyone have some good recipes for smash cake?  Oh, and talk about smash.  There’s a conundrum going on here at PP.  Something that’s not occurred before.

Did you all check your spam filters to see if you were one of the winners in the 3 of 4 Fall giveaway?  Something odd is happening-I sent out 35 congratulatory notes and only 7 replied-that is unprecedented.  Usually, around half of the winners answer within the first day:  the rest over the next two days, and usually I only have to redraw one or two.  This time, 26 haven’t gotten back to me.  I can’t pull the name for the grand prize until they are all in, so if you entered that giveaway, check your spam filter for a message from me starting with Congratulations-or tonight I have to draw all new names, except for the 7 who responded first round.  One person told me he thought it was spam because spammers always like to say congratulations.  He checked the second time I sent it out and found out he’d won.  I surely hope the rest of you contact me by 6 tonight or I’ll have to send out a whole new raft of winners.  I’d hate for the 26 who didn’t respond to miss their chance at a prize. If you all have any ideas about how the winners’ replies can look less than spam, let me know!  I am open to suggestions as I hate to have folks lose their prizes.

And finally, Sunday we are leaving for Las Vegas to go to the 20books to 50K Indie convention at Bally’s.  It’s going to be wonderful.  If you should happen to find yourselves in LV next Friday the 18th, they’re holding RAVE (Readers and Authors Vegas Event) and many authors are putting up tables to sign autographs and give out merch and such.  The rest of the week, we’re all taking classes about writing and all aspects of our business from marketing to designing covers.  It’s going to be intense but Dan and I are also going to network a lot.  Wish us luck and safe travels and keep us in your thoughts.  I’ll try to do some updates on my FB page—most of my downtime from classes will be spent writing.

If anyone has any suggestions for me about Vegas, toss them into the comments.  I’m a newbie and any advice is appreciated.

And I got book one of the next Sci-fi trilogy roughed in.  It is really heading into the paranormal this time; it’s coming out first quarter of next year.

And I do hope you are enjoying the newest book: Criminally, Lovingly, Cross stitched.  It’s book two of our Melody’s Zoo series. 

Don’t forget to drop in on the gifts/contests pages and sign up for the latest giveaway.

Now I need to get going and finish packing.  Countdown to the trip has officially begun!

We can’t hardly wait!
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