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Our Hearts are Sad. A Great Person Has Passed

We are sad to announce that our dear friend and elder Cedar Heart Nichols has passed away in a car accident. He will be sorely missed. He named both my grandkids; he came to their graduations, to my family funerals, he was master storyteller and a good man. We shall miss him.

Passing on knowledge to the next generation: Dan and Cedar.

But moving on to life, we are approaching our 23 day without rain and they are starting to use the “d” word on the news report Whether this is a real drought or only a foretaste of August, I don’t know. Last year we had 6 weeks of no rain and so much humidity. This week, not so, the weather is cooler thanks to all the smoke in the air from Canada. I do have to run out shortly and water plants. We are planning a trip next week to the powwow. Last year was wonderfully fun, and have no reason to think this year wouldn’t be too. Baby has her own ribbon dresses to wear; she’ll be darling. In the meantime, she is in the stage of curiosity and everything is something to take apart, study and possibly destroy.

Who me? I would never destroy anything. Wait, is that the TV control? I got the batteries out of it last time. And why doesn’t grandma’s CD player work so well anymore?

And just so you know how busy I’ve been, here are this month’s specials and new things happening:

June 7: New Vella published!  Recipes from Not Quite Functional Family Reunions–Done! You can find it on vella.

June 6-9  To Protect One’s Own– ebook download 99 cents June 6-9  DONE!

June 11-19 Uncle James, a Servant of God, to Us, is a 99 cent download-get your copy before Amazon hikes the prices up.


June 19-23  Re-editing and publishing done on The Majestic Spectrum of God’s Love  and it will be a free download.


June 26th thru 30 NEW BOOK RELEASE!  Piper’s Dilemma  Book two of the Hidden America Series about Bigfoot, love, firebirds and other wonderful things- free download the 26th thru 30-get your copy! you loved book one- now get book two! And for free! How much happier can you get?

Now off to make supper and to get things accomplished before sundown-blessings and peace to all.

  1. peg stevens says:

    im so very sorry for your loss i was glad i had the the opportunity of meeting him prayers to you and his family

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