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Whew! Is it Really Friday?

We’re all pretty wiped out!

This has been a crazy week. The doctor put me on new medication that makes me really drowsy, dizzy and I even tried to maker a phone call on a calculator instead of my cell. The last puppy found a home; and now the Siamese kittens need to be socialized and prepped for new homes. We completed putting in the vegetable garden, and planted rose bushes.

I got the hardcover put onto To Protect One’s Own, so we will be running a special on that to celebrate June 6-9; the ebook will be a 99 cent special on Amazon. You need to download your copy quickly before the price hike Amazon is putting on end of the month.

Here it is and if you want a sure fire plan to avoid world dominion by freaks, it’s in there! It’s book seven in the Oberllyn’s series or another way to look at it, it’s book one of the immediate future generations. At any rate, get your copy.

In addition, Dan’s book, The Majestic Spectrum of God’s Love, is being totally re-edited and will be republished June 14, so we are running a freebie on that ebook June 19-23. Download you free copy again, before Amazon ups the cost.

Dan explains the axiom, the prime directive, of the Kingdom in one short book. If you’ve ever wanted to start understanding the Bible, this is for you. Get your free ebook copy June 19-23.

And I have a new vella coming out June 4-it’s a cookbook called Recipes from Not Quite Functional Family Reunions. I can’t give you a link yet, since it isn’t out as I write this, but I’ll send it along next week. However, here’s the cover reveal:

And the food was good, the people were…strange.

I come from a proudly Appalachian family; each year we went back home like lemmings over a cliff to touch base with our roots. Our cooks made wonderful food, many traditional recipes from before the Great Depression, from the Great War when food was rationed; when people grew, brew and hunted their food. Enjoy some memories and stories and especially food with me as I walk this memorial path.

So between tripping a lot, falling asleep, planting the garden and setting up irrigation, helping some old folks with their lawnmower and editing, it’s been a crazy week. Hope yours was good. It’s so hot out-why not settle into a chair with a glass of lemonade and read a good book?

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