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Our Special, a Giveaway on Father’s Day

What’s not to like?

It’s ‘most as fun as riding a horse in the park fountain on a hot day

Last Friday our little town had an event called First Friday, during which old cars are driven in to be parked in a lot to be admired, vendors sell overpriced fair food, bands play and in general we all have a great time. Our park has this odd fountain of dogs spitting water and plastic horses that don’t do anything but stand in the spray and little kids adore it. Notice, the CBW has to wear her cowboy boots when we go into town just in case she gets a chance to ride ’em cowboys on a stationary horse.

They estimate 3500 people swarmed our streets for four blocks one way, all around the square and up a couple blocks on each of the roads around the square, listening to loud bands and talking to vendors, enjoying the sidewalk sales and eating fair food. They do this every 1st Friday all summer.

Such is life near small towns.

More importantly is the reminder that The Summer Giveaway starts on Father’s day, the 16th, in honor of all dad’s. The prizes are good, the fun of waiting to see who won is grand and I love sending out the gifts. Don’t forget to dash over to the gifts webpage and sign up-you can’t win if you don’t enter! I’d like to see 250 people join in the fun, or more; if there are more, I add more prizes. Tell your friends, family if you like them, and let’s see big we can make this.

I hope you win!

And our weekly special is a good one! Our bestselling cozy mystery is a 99 cents special this week-

June 16-22 Criminally Spun Out

Welcome to Lyonsville, a serene village where English and Amish shops draw tourists by the busload for the atmosphere, food, and handmade crafts.  The Fiber Mavens Shop has added a new craft specialty and the spinning brings out the wicked in someone.  Casey’s twins are kidnapped; drop spindles are being left all over town and the Fiber Mavens find doing good can sometimes result in disaster.

Get your copy this week before it jumps back up to the regular price-save you money to spend on popcorn at the next festival near you! And in the meantime, best wishes, have a good week and remember to stay hydrated! It’s going to be a hot one this week!
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