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Who Will Win the First Giveaway of 2024?

I just completed set up of our summer giveaway. The entry window opens June 16-Father’s day. Wouldn’t it be nice to win a Kindle 8 for dad? Or you? Don’t forget to enter.

It’s a nice kindle! And 35 books besides as prizes.

I’ll try to remind you about it as the days pass.

Second, the winners in the cria naming contest were Jodi W, Amber P , Cleo L and Tiff W.  Congratulations and don’t forget to send me your mailing addresses so I can send you your prize books!  I do love contests!

And in other news, in our little Ohio county we had 2 tornados this week leaving mostly tree and roof damage, a couple small injuries, no deaths, thank goodness. The rain was hard, the hail pelted us, the wind howled but we were safe and warm in our home, the animals in their barns and the next day, the garden was nicely watered and the grass was greening up. I heard we had 3.5 inches in 2 hours, which is quite a lot, coming in waves as it did.

The CBW had her last shots until Kindergarten, and she was none too pleased with the nurse. However, I gave her a bubble blower toy for being brave and she hasn’t let go of it since.

It makes bubbles, and its a horse! What’s not to love?

What do wolf-dogs, gerbils, alpaca, Siamese cats and bunnies
have in common?  They all have impacted my life in one
way or other; they and many others are featured in this book of devotionals. Lessons
From the Beastly University Faculty
will help you see a different way of
looking at the animals in your life, their impact on your well-being, and your
daily walk with God.

For 5 days only, June 10-14 Lessons from the Beastly University Faculty  will be a free Amazon download- get your copy!

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway, share it with your friends, family and your 4th grade teacher…it’s going to be marvelous! Have a great week!

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