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Pussywillow, Crocus, Forsynthia and Baby

Me and Cat are off on an Explore.

You don’t know how much the cabin fever has gotten to you until the first warm and dry day hits and you can go outside without a coat and just chase the animals, pick the flowers and be amazed at that bush great grandma calls pussywillow.

That seemed to be the CBW’s feelings when she took off out the back door to enjoy spring. She could not believe how good it felt to just be able to run without many boundaries. She had to see the chickens, the alpaca, pet the dogs and cats, check the koi fish, and in general just dash about laughing. She found out crocus do not taste that good, the bees still don’t like her and she cannot pet them even to try and make friends, and great-grandma gets all hissy-fitty when her CBW tries to climb anything higher than her swingset climbing wall. She learned that just because the woodpile is by the back shed roof does not make for a good idea. It gets you brought back inside for a fifteen minute break. She sobbed at the back door like her little heart would break. Great-Grandpa took pity on her and they went back out. He managed to put a barrier around the wood pile so there was no more climbing, but he also let her run in the back two acre field until she just about dropped and had to be carried back home and set into bed.

That is the life of a toddler on a farm and all babies ought to have that in this old ladies opinion. I have good friends who are raising kids in apartments and in town where there is no fresh air or bugs to watch, just cartoons and video games, perhaps Legos. I almost feel as if they’re deprived.

And if you look pitiful enough, great grandpa has a stash of blue lollipops.

Our spring day ended up the next day with 6 tornados in Ohio, high winds, hail, heavy rain, thunder and lightening here. What a mess! However, it did allow me to get the March specials set up: I am going to list them all for you and will remind you of them each week so you can take advantage of them.

Ascot and the Stolen Scrubs  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09B6M52M8

March 1-6 is running as a   99 cent download on Amazon

 Dogs come and go at Sinclair’s rescue, but no one remembers a time when the bushes walked off.  Even cats and dogs get along better than the people in Fern Valley.

How to go from Idea to Published Book  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVXNBG9Y

March 6-10 is a free download for you!  I hope you get your copy and post a comment or reaction on Amazon. Free is good!  If you read this book carefully and follow the advice, by the last lesson, you will have a finished book in your hands and have a few good ideas on marketing besides.

The Two Sides of Love    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVHHF2PKThe Second free book of the month  is running from the 11th to the 15th and is possibly one of our best devotionals; it’s perfect for Lent or Easter reading.

Kids Grew in my Garden    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FKRXBSQThis is our second 99 cent download this month running from March 18-25  on Amazon. Real stories about real kids; Kid’s Grew in My Garden is for you and story loving kids.

And finally, Just Before Dying, He Prayed for You;   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08W28G63X is a 99 cent special March 27- through April 3; Another wonderful devotional for the Easter Season. 

Don’t forget your downloads, one a week this month thanks to having to stay up anyway incase the tornado showed up and we had to go to the basement, which we didn’t, but it kept me busy making up specials just for you, my fellow travelers!  Blessings and peace and have a grand spring.

Hint-coming soon with a cover almost like this.
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