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Again? The Return of Winter

My grandma used to call the branched ones witches claws…

Someone up there heard me fussing about the lack of winter and gifted me four more days of ice and snow and even real icicles this time. It was lovely. Now we have wall to wall mud. I am not against mud in it’s proper place. I am very much against it tracked through my house. It’s the curmudgeon in me.

In spite of it, I managed to get a new book out helping all you who want to write to get published. I got most the federal income tax forms filled out; I still have state and city to do. Then perhaps I will turn into my normal, mostly nice self. All that math and regs make me grumbly. If my taxes were just simple ones, it would be one thing, I’d most likely use a preparer. But last I checked, since I was running three businesses last year, and there are a lot of extra schedule ‘C’ forms and such. the local preparers want upwards of $1800 to do mine. I can do it myself, thank you.

Better not go in yet Grandpa, Mamaw is still doing papers and she broke her calculator and spilled her drink on the floor…it’s not safe in there.

I also got 10 more of my books put on audiobooks through Amazon-such fun!

And this weeks book special is my first cozy mystery: Quilting Can be Criminal. It’s a 99 cent download from Amazon February 22 until the 29th-you need to get your copy, you really do. And it is on audible as well through Amazon, so you could get the ebook, download the audio copy and listen to it or read it. Lyonsville is a serene village where the tourists come for the food, atmosphere and handmade crafts. But that was before the murders started… If you like cozy mysteries, clean romance, and cliffhangers, you are going to love this book!

Just 99 cents for a download this week! And now I need to go take care of the puppies; you have a great week til we talk again…
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