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This Old Mare Ain’t What she used to be…

You better back up; great-grandma is broken and I can’t find my bellybutton…

This has been a rough couple weeks. Not only did I have rotator cuff surgery that due to my allergies, gave me some struggles in recovery, I was unable to use the pain meds (again, allergies.) so since last week I’ve been in a bunch of discomfort. We were trying madly to get things accomplished with me not well, and now Dan has come down with covid. the baby has a cold, the gifts aren’t wrapped and we’re all pretty useless. However, we are inside in the warm, in separate rooms, trying to get stronger before next week. And there are always the puppies to enjoy.

And I wanted to remind you that our next special is our next 99 cent special is book two of our Christmas stories books: the sale starts the 18th and is over Christmas day so you really need to get your download quickly! You’re welcome!

And finally, merry Christmas to you and yours, don’t catch covid or anything else but love and cuddles and presents-and see you soon!

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