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Battered and Torn, But Steadfast and Unbowed

Great-grandma’s got an ouchy like you wouldn’t believe!

Don’t let anyone tell you shoulder surgery is less than painful; the first day and a couple days after were terrible; made more so by the fact I’m allergic to most pain medication. Sometimes, the over the counter’s don’t hack it. Now if my grandma were around, she’d be pushing the Jack Daniels and possibly something stronger on me, and I might even have tried that at one time, but here we are, three days out and I am once again starting to think beyond the pain and get around a little. I still dislike one handed typing. The after edit is a bear so if I leave a typo or so, forgiveness please.

It’s overcast and on off rainy here, temp is dropping like a sock rocket and there’s a chance of some flurries. It is winter, folks, so we need to get used to that. Our puppies are growing by baby leaps and bounds and love cuddling.

I extended the giveaway to allow a few more folks to sign up for it. If you haven’t told your friends, best get going!

And here are the rest of the specials for this year, just in case you missed them:

December 10-16 Our brand-new Christmas Book, just published, is a 99-cent special on Amazon.  This is a cozy mystery about our favorite villages, The Tritowns. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CLL1FGCF

December 18-23 Tales for Christmas and Advent, book 2 of the Advent set, is a 99-cent download on Amazon!  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NVZD1NP

December 25  Merry Christmas!

December 26- January 3  To help you achieve those New Year’s resolutions, Ninety Days to the God Habit is going to be a 99 cent special.    And May you have a happy and prosperous New Year! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SHCFLRX

and we have three new vellas:

Christmas Comes to the Greers is running

Our CBW in Her Own Words 

For my intense poetry lovers, Tea, Me and Memory Starts December 10!

 Meaningful Gifts  just started and is all about gifting your friends with DIY things.

Enjoy and have a happy holiday season, and if a surgeon even mentions torn rotator cuff to you, you gather your little split tail gown around you and you get your hide out of there!

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