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To the Fourth and Beyond!

Cake pops and a bowl of ice on a hot day, what could be better?

Happy Independence day and the aftermath which was really appalling; our electric went out for five hours due to a trunk line a 136KV trunk line, caught fire and burnt down trees. It was not my idea of a good time on a 90 degree day to have no A/C, so we went and worked in our garden where it was shady. Our internet was out for 18 hours and is still not up to par. We had to buy a new modem. And the baby got sick. This has not been the most productive week off I’ve ever had, but today I ate cucumbers from my own garden, I got a new book out for vella-comes out Sunday- and it’s sort of a memoir of my life as a social worker. Here’s a cover reveal just to get you anticipating it-soon as we have a vella number, I’ll let you know first!

Don’t I look grand? My graphic designer did a little bit of makeover for me…

I have another book coming out in hardcover this month-The Importance of Family Ties-so will be running a special on that shortly. I have the book 3 of the Hidden America series almost ready to drop, and the Zoo 3 cozy mystery and a new mystery starting-and I may throw out a book of poetry shortly-also a new devotional on Philippians, good night, when did the drawing board get so full! At any rate, enjoy this week, remember to stop by the FB page, Traveler Pelton and read the morning joke each day. Love and peace to all humans.

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