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It has been hot as blue blazes for the last week, yet Danny and Beni the grandson still got in the hay before the storms-8 hours of work in the 90+ heat hauling it into the barn. The alpaca spent much time admiring it from on the other side of the door, a huge lovely, sweet smelling pile for this winter. Dan took a shower and went to bed for nearly 10 hours afterwards. Exhausted is not too strong a word, I think.

There is so much going on-the giveaway runs another week or ten days, I think and i want as many folks to sign up as can; I’d love to have over 500 names and if there are, I will add another Kindle to the pile of presents. I am releasing a new kindle serial story Tuesday: it’s a mystery based; and you will not believe the protagonist! I am going to have to write another story about her; she was just so much fun to play with! Here’s the cover reveal:

Her name is Allyson,Allison,Avril,Carmen,Sage,Baby,Lee..

And for those who have asked, the 3rd book of Hidden America will release shortly and you will find out what happens to Piper, Sebastian and all the rest, just before we head into the world of firebirds. Hidden America is all about legends.

Or local county fair has been running all week in this heat and towards evening they run the tractor pulls, demolition derby, races and so on and although a mile away, I can hear them plainly running until 1`1, so sleep deprived is beginning to be a way of life., It’s done Saturday, though, and congratulations to all the 4-H kids who had projects at the fair. Our kids grew up with 4-H and it’s a great program. The CBW has been learning the eat with a fork and spoon routine, learning more words and in general acting like a daredevil. Her latest craze is a splash pad in our back yard. It’s wonderful in the shade on a hot day. I had to resist the urge to join her…

God bless and stay cool!
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