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Who Died and Left a Groundhog in Charge of Spring?

Crocuses in February, Book Specials and the Latest CBW Sighting

Uncle Tbear watching over me and fresh breadsticks; this is a good day.

I have no idea who thought to put a groundhog in charge of figuring out we’re going to have 6 more weeks of winter when you can just look at a calendar and Bingo, there it is, spring. I haven’t even started my seedlings yet for the garden and won’t be until near end of February. Somehow the message did not get to the crocus in the front yard; they think it’s spring already.

It’s been so warm we had a one day sap run for maple syrup and that is not good. This weekend is supposed to be in the fifties; and next week cold again. We’ll see. The climate is simply odd. At any rate, Fawn and I are headed out Sunday to the Orchid show up at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, in search of an new kind of orchid for my collection-I have 26 of them, Denobrium, Cattleya, Cirrhopetalum, Phalaenopsis, Guaritunia, Brassalova are some of the varieties I already have; I’d like something I’ve not tried yet. They bloom at different times so there is always something interesting in my collection.

This one greeted me this morning!

Also, before I took off visiting, I wanted to get you what I have set up so far this month for specials: You’re going to love them!

Our newest book, my memoirs of being a social worker, will be a free download on Amazon Feb. 4-Sunday through Friday the 9th.

“Life in the trenches of social work—28 years of odd characters, gritty tales, and unexpected humor make this a must-read for lovers of true stories.”

From Sunday noon til Friday noon the 9th; just head over and download the book-you’ll love it, the price is right (who can argue with free?) and don’t forget to leave me a short review on Amazon after you’ve read it-thanks so much!

And there are 3 more special so far, I’m still setting them up and a new book coming-see pic for a hint below-tell you about it later! This is running long, so watch for the next blog! Blessings and peace!

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