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For the Love of Spring

You should always keep a great-grandpa around for when your legs are tired from learning to fly a kite.

I am getting so annoyed at Mother Nature and her MPD-I needed to cheer me up so I found these gardening jokes to share just to relax a little before I get started.

• A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.

• Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit;

Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad

Pete and Harry were talking one day. “My wife asked me to buy ORGANIC vegetables from the market garden,” said Pete.

“So were you able to find some?” Harry asked.

“Well when I got to the market, I asked the gardener, ‘These vegetables are for my wife. Have they been sprayed with any poisonous chemicals?'”

“The gardener answered: ‘No, you’ll have to do that yourself.'”

Upward and onward; Dan took out his sports kite but true to form, we had good winds but they were swirly, twisty and not good for kites. The CBW was with him and could not figure out why grandpa kept tossing that thing in the air and running. They tuckered each other out though and that was good, since cabin fever has been hitting pretty badly around here.

Sprig is unstable; temp up and down(and snow expected this evening) windy and grumbly like an old lady who would really like putting seed in the ground or at least start the seed in my indoor hydroponics but we’re 3 weeks too early to be sure they’ll be ready by planting time.

Tbear is headed out to Warren OH, on Sunday to join in a Rubik’s cube tournament. Folks from all over will be there showing off their stuff. He does not expect to win, he expects to get good pointers on improvement, see where he places in the group, and make some new friends. Good luck to everyone.

Dan’s been making maple syrup, boiling it down in my kitchen to finish it. So far he’s made 5 quarts. It takes around 30 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup.

My orchids are blooming. They are marvelous to life your spirit on a dark, breezy, cold day.

This is a bamboo orchid.

And finally, I just completed adding a new book to vella, and a new one is released in paperback/ebook as well. Micah’s Quest is running at 99 cents on Amazon until the 20th; be sure you get your download. I will be running a special on The Two Sides of Love later.

Just 99 cents right now! And the newest book, just released,
Also is live on Amazon just in time for Lent devotions!

In the meantime, if you celebrate Lent, don’t forget why you do it. Blessings and peace to all of my friends. I hope spring is not far; I hope everyone’s gardens and spring plans work out and drop me a comment to let me now how you’re doing!

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