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Announcing our Winners!

What did I win? Maybe fruit snacks?

No, CBW, no fruit snacks but some people won books and some won a Kindle, which you can’t have yet. Let’s start off with a smile, though.

A policeman friend of mine shared this with me this week:

A man was speeding, really going fast. When stopped, he insisted he could not have been going over 85, although I had clocked him at 105.

“My speedometer only goes to 85, and I had it all the way to the floor,” he explained.

Now for the really important announcement:

 We have the winners for the Spring giveaway!  If you got an email from me asking for your mailing address, it means you were one of the 26 winners. If you didn’t we’re sorry-they’ll be another contest soon. Thank you to everyone who entered: be sure you watch our website for the next contest!  Everything has been mailed out; some people are already contacting me to let me know they came through safely.  When your package arrives, please drop me a comment on my FB page, email me back or leave a comment on my website. Congratulations! 

Bridgett B       Christina O         Elaine P        Kelly T       Sheilia L

Linda Y           Shelly K              Debra L       Heather R    David B

April S           Tambi S               Linda L         Mary M        Beth E

Jeanette G        Pat M          Glenda AM         Jennifer F       Bonnie S

Lola B              Bambi R       Barbara H            Sarah G          Anna M

Grand prize winner was Rebecca B.

Locally, we had a baby cria come recently; you can see pictures of her on my FB pages Spring Haven Croft or Traveler Pelton-don’t forget to like and share! 

If it stops raining, I’ll get some new pictures tomorrow. Her name is Dolly.

And the last of our puppies have found new homes and appear to be doing fine.  I need to find homes for the Siamese kitten babies next.  I need to complete the garden-it’s nearly done, and then I have to attack the flower gardens-but I also just started a new book for vella, I am editing two books to come out next month, and completing the third mystery of the Melody’s Zoo series-once in a while, I get to sleep.

Has anyone got any idea how to take the cigarette smell out of tees?  I recently ordered tees for the family and when they arrived, they smelled strongly of cigarette smoke, so I suspect someone was smoking on the job.  It smells terrible.  Suggestions on how to remove the smell and still have them look like new shirts would be appreciated. 

Have a great week!

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