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Gracious! The Sun Came Out!

After three days of rain, I am almost not certain I know what it looks like!

Well, I think we ought to go shopping again. I love the drive.

And I have just a couple announcements I have to get out to you before I hurtle to my gardening and get the fifteen trays of flowers, veggies and 8 hanging pots placed in various parts of our little Garden of Eden called Springhaven.  First, our newest book, Pipers Impasse, is free for the next 5 (May 7-11) days and you don’t want to miss the download-the first in a series called Hidden America, if you like mysteries, bigfoot, horrible bad guys and gentle romance, it’s going to give you goosebumps.  Did you ever wonder why they can’t locate a Bigfoot body? Now you will know!   

Second, we had a new cria and she’s gorgeous, all over a light fawn color, all long legs and big eyes with long eyelashes.  I need a name-so running a contest.  Give me some suggestions and you just ight win some really cool prizes.  I have to send her registration Friday, so hop to it with names.

Just an hour old here and just drying off from birth. Mom and baby doing fine. She needs a good name!

And thank you, hope the chaos calms around here by the end of planting and gardening spring 2023, so we can have a better chat.  Blessings and peace to all life. Love to hear from you!

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